So Hot In The Office – I Could Do With One Of These!

22 July 2014

Wine Holder


Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Spinning only postponed, not cancelled!!

Spinning only postponed, not cancelled!! (Photo by Larixinhah)

15 February 2014

C – what a night and I am not talking Valentines escapades. Felt like I was awake off and on the whole time with the storm ringing in my ears (unusually, it was not Toby who was creating the wind).

S – I know, it has been awful here, we have been trapped in the village due to flooding and the electric went off at 10.00 yesterday evening, so was forced to have an early night!!!

C – did you hear the roof has been blown off the new leisure centre, so Spinning will definitely be cancelled on Monday. Every cloud has a silver lining; was dreading the whole Spinning thing anyway.

S – it’s not cancelled, just postponed, we are going to stand firm and give it a go.

Rising To The Challenge

Bottom's Up To Spinning.  We Will Drink To That

Bottom’s Up To Spinning. We Will Drink To That

9 January 2014

C – following an announcement on the radio this morning that “sugar is the new tobacco” and should be banished from our homes, I found myself relieved that for a change it was not the consumption of alcohol that was being named as the culprit of all that is evil.

S – phew what a relief, I agree with you on that one. Thankfully am on the mend and heading for the office today, so text me when you get a moment. Not sure what the day holds for me but am ready for anything.

C – had a call from Aussie Patrick today, he has been watching the news and was concerned that we may have been washed away in the floods. There have been lots of reports all over the news in Oz about the UK weather. I gave him the low down and told him the tale of the “Quad Bike Queens” which he found highly amusing.

S – he would have loved all the excitement of moving the waterlogged stock, and would have been crashing through the floods as only such a large Australia character like Patrick can.

C – was feeling down in the dumps yesterday, must have the January blues, we need something to look forward to, therefore, I have taken matters into my own hands and booked our very first spinning session. I have spoken to the very young man who takes the class and he sounds very keen to have us. What do you say to Tuesday next week? That gives us time to get ourselves back on form, break out the Lycra and get ready to impress, as I am sure we will. (Have heard from a friend that he is a bit of a hunk) πŸ™‚

S – need to check my diary as I have a lot on next week, and I don’t want to rush into this spinning thing, so I will let you know.

C – ok, but no backing out now this maybe just what we need to get us back into shape, mentally and physically. Today spinning tomorrow who knows.

Later …

C – can’t believe it, that Michael Portillo is back on the TV waffling on about yet another boring train story. He is sporting yet another hideous jacket, this time in electric blue. No wait; now he is wearing a fuchsia pink crushed velvet number, hells teeth has the man lost the plot? Has he no idea about clothes? Someone needs to call Gok Wan for a serious make over please. Remember he did that TV series How to look good naked, although don’t think he has a cat in hells chance with Michael darling.

C – don’t think we want to see Michael naked but Gok’s Fashion Fix might be useful for him!

Bottom Cheeks Will Be Firm And Pert

Not sure bottoms will be quite this firm but we can dream!

Not sure bottoms will be quite this firm but we can dream! (Photo by Wim Demortier)

6 December 2014

C – what ever happened to Sunday, day of rest. Up at seven to do horses, then half a cuppa and a piece of toast down my neck before setting out on a marathon trek moving stock due to the floods, nearly got the truck bogged. Thanks for your help and thank goodness for our skilful off road driving – or should I say my skilful driving, as Toby told me you were briefly face down in the mud – good job we were wearing our safety hats. Unlike you, I was back out into the elements later to fix calf shelter which has been battered by high winds and rain and to deliver hayledge for the horses. All this before lunch.

S – it was hellish but fun on the quad bikes and we did a good job us “Quad Bike Queens”. Maybe we should consider showing off our Quad Bike Skills at Dorset County Show this year! I feel the main arena is in need of a bit of livening up. Think we should be in fancy dress – what outfit would you choose? Having my own grief as family over for Sunday lunch and cooker playing up, it’s always the way when people come for lunch. Thank goodness I am not having to cook it.

C – oh well hopefully they are not in a hurry, keep pouring the wine that always helps – I find they loose track of time when quietly sloshed. I have to do the weekly shop next so not looking forward to that one. Come over later and we can do some blogging. P.S. bring wine!!! not ready to give it up just yet. With reference to the outfit, I would like mine to be Wonder Woman but those shorts are cut a little high – I don’t want to be revealing any bottom cheeks!!! So what’s your outfit to be?

S – I would be Lara Croft, of course!! Don’t forget we will have been “Spinning” for several months by then so bottom cheeks will be firm and pert (or at least in our dreams)! Was just reading a blog that has recently gone viral called “Seth’s Story“. It is very thought provoking, maybe we need to be a little more “Starry Eyed” and a little less “Grumpy Old Women”.

The Quad Bike Queens

The Quad Bike Queens

The Quad Bike Queens


My thoughts today, understandably, have been absorbed with watching and discussing the appalling weather; a very “British” pastime. I am finding myself constantly glued to the BBC Weather Forecast, and keeping my ear to the ground for extreme flood warnings. I fear Dorset has had its fair share of wind and rain and our thoughts are with all the poor souls who are flooded out.

5 December 2014

C – all livestock are alive, although Toby will be issuing inflatable armbands to the cattle who are up to their knees in water, down in the meadows. We will have to move them tomorrow or I fear they will drown.

S – poor you it must be a total nightmare working out of doors in this weather, you need a nice little dry office job like mine.

C – yes indeed, but as you know I have spent many hours trying to secure a cushy little number like yours! Anyway, you know me I like to be out and about and up to my armpits in it.

S – any news on the spinning class?

C – sorry, have not had any time to make enquiries but you can rest assured that I will not forget, your don’t sound too keen. You need to snap on that Lycra and think positive.

S – it’s great that our followers are increasing their comments. It has begun to give our blogging a whole new dimension, we are truly starting to communicate with them.

C – yes. We will have to move the cattle tomorrow and could do with an extra pair of hands. We can have a quad bike each, wellies and overalls compulsory, are you up for it?

S – yes, that’s fine; we can be the return of the magnificent seven (ok two).

C – the forcecast is good for the morning so we need to get an early start?

S – ok see you tomorrow at first light πŸ™‚

The Great British Weather

The Great British Weather

The Great British Weather (Photo by Jeff Jones)

30 December 2013

C – what has happened to the weather? I cannot believe the day I have had already; I have been battered by wind and rain and now have to run the gauntlet of the drive to Sherborne with the dirty linen from the house. This is all because of the Christmas and New Year holiday timetable. Bloody Christmas. If I get swept away in some torrent do you think I will be missed?

S – Toby will miss you when he runs out of clean underwear and has to go commando again. Ha, ha.

C – that’s about the size of it. Well here goes, batten down the hatches. I will text you when close to your house and will pop in and get some blogging under our belts.

S – ok, good luck and mind how you go; look out for falling trees.

Later ..

C – made it; am ten minutes away from yours – put the kettle on. See you soon.

S – ok


Like most people our thoughts are turning to the ups and downs of the year that has passed which has been full of life’s little hurdles; happiness and sadness. I suppose this is all part of what makes up most people’s lives. We decided to write a list of our hopes for the coming year, in no particular order. So here goes:

1. To Get Freshly Pressed
2. Guest Appearance On The BBC Breakfast Show
3. Invitation To Radio 4 Woman’s Hour
4. Win The Lottery
5. Get A Handle On The Whole Twitter Thing
6. Achieve The Dizzy Heights Of 200 Followers
7. A Trip To Australia To Visit Old Friends – And, Of Course, Our New Friends The Wine Wankers – Cheers Guys, You Make Us Smile.

I think the “bar” may be set a tad high but, as Del Boy Trotter would say, β€œ He Who Dares Wins” .

Yet again we have erroneously liked ourselves!!!