Bees Round A Honey Pot

The photocopier has caused Camilla no end of problems.  (Photo by

The photocopier has caused Camilla no end of problems. (Photo by

28 November 2014

C – bonjour, I hope your morning is going swimmingly. I have found a new place to park, just of Culliford Road going towards Lancaster Road lots of spaces and not far for me to walk, although I did notice some twitching curtains as I locked the car and walk away, so may end up finding a note on my car window screen. Had to do the horses this morning so had no time for breakfast; only had three rich tea biscuits which are not my favourite at the best of times. The end result is that I could now “eat the crutch out of a low flying pigeon” as our dear friend Ozzy Patrick would say. No cream cakes around and I don’t like to help myself to the biscuits as I makes me look greedy, will try to hold out as is only 1200 ish

S – all very quiet over here. One of my colleagues, who shall remain nameless, should have been on annual leave but cancelled it. He is in annoying me, I have plenty of annoyance at home do not need any here. Was looking forward to a nice quiet day. I hope he invents some appointments to go to!

C – poor you. I have officially started my lunch as is nearly 1230; will have to slip out for a sticky bun to keep me going through the afternoon. Phoebe has a hockey match after school so will be working till 5.00 ish. At least it is warm in the office; was freezing in the flat when I got home ‘cos we don’t have heating on in the day time. It’s called fuel poverty!

S – 1200 ish is lunch time in my books – that is why I am always so hungry when I get home.

C – just been to the photocopier and the new girl, who is very slim and pretty, was having a spot of bother. She had not adjusted the quantity she wanted to print on her computer and paper was spewing out of the machine at a rate of knots. I told her to go back to her computer and terminate the print job. She was not sure how to do this and, before you could blink, she had half the males in the office buzzing round her computer trying to help. I suppose that is what happens when you are young and pretty. No one offered to help me when I had the same problem but I guess I am well and truly past my “sell by date”!!! Have had dramas with George – it is a long story so will tell you later.

S – a drama with George – I think that is overdue – things have been very quiet in that area for some time.


Hot Flushing All Over The Place!

HRT - is it a good idea?

HRT – is it a good idea? (Photo by

18 July 2014

S – how I hate the heat when you have to clean. The house was a tip and I am “hot flushing” all the time – think I may need to go back to GP and chat about HRT – he was not keen to give it to me last time I saw him. The tumble dryer has broken down and I have all the cottage laundry to do and two of the white bedspreads were dirty so they have to be washed.

C – bring any tumble drying over to me and I will do it. You need to tumble the towels, at least, otherwise they will be like cardboard.

Later …

S – just picking Jamie up from school as he has lots of art stuff to bring home for the holidays that he could not carry on the bus. The headmaster has just left the building looking tanned, happy and relaxed as only those earning £120,000 per year do!

C – yes, it is a tidy sum – think I would be looking happy and relaxed with that much coming in each year!! Still, I suppose he earns it. I have just had Patrick on the phone – he was tipsy and sobbing as he was not able to go to the countryside to watch George play Ozzi Footie and George will be returning to the UK soon.

S – poor Patrick; he is going to miss George so much.

21 July 2014

S – good news – I have scraped through my Supervision without any mishaps or mention of my internet usage, thank God. Will ring you when I escape from work – I have been given a very lengthy and laborious task – damn!

C – glad Supervision went well. I was awake half the night stressing about Toby disappearing off to Cornwall sailing and leaving me with all the stock to look after. He forgets that I have to do my cleaning and the estate agents, as well as his sheep and cattle and that is without ferrying Phoebe around and doing the horses!

S – it is too much to ask, I feel.

Saw This And Thought “Who Needs An Expensive Kitchen Aid”?



C – a friend sent me this, what a brilliant idea. Do you think you can move a few kitchen cupboards around to make room for this. Who needs one of those swanky, expensive, over rated kitchen aids when you could have one of these?

S – yes, and just think of all the use it would get in my house, unlike that bread maker that is gathering dust in my kitchen cupboard.