Sorry For The Break In Transmission

Yes, we do remember this! (Photo by the BBC)

Yes, we do remember this! (Photo by the BBC)

24 September 2014

S – I am afraid we have had rather a long break from blogging and some of our loyal followers have told us they are missing our daily ramblings. Things have been hectic with us both and we have found it difficult to keep up with everything.

Camilla is frantically looking for a job as the holiday house she has been successfully managing for the last three years is being sold. She has been filling in applications and going to interviews as far afield as Cornwall.  In addition to job hunting George has been dispatched to University.  We suspect there is more partying than studying going on, I did hear Camilla chortaling to a mutual friend the other day – “If they were dishing out degrees in socialising I think George would be up for a First Class Honours”.   Watch this space!!

I have been doing two extra days at work and we have just not found the time to get together. However, we are back and more messages from the edge will follow!

Oh just had a text from Camilla to say they are celerbating Toby’s birthday today.  Historically he never rememebers anyones birthday, with the exception to the rule being his own. She decided to splash out and buy him a lovely bottle of wine which SHE will thoroughly enjoy.


This Is The Countryside, Not The Middle Of London!

No fibre optic broadband here!! (Photo by

No fibre optic broadband here!! (Photo by

6 August 2014

C – Eleanor is back on the ward. She has had two stents and all went well.

S – thank goodness for that and that they found the problem and have put the stents in. She could have had a serious heart attack. I will go in and see her this evening.

C – I am going in this evening as well, so I will see you later.

7 August 2014

C – Eleanor is being discharged today as they are very happy with how everything went.

S – that is good news. Are you free to come with me to Bournemouth to visit Doreen. There is a place available at the nursing home she is thinking of going into. I thought I would go and see her to let her know.

C – yes, I’ll come with you. Can we leave at about one? I need to do some shopping for Eleanor – I have just had two days off – what happened to my “me time”?

S – one o’clock is good for me. As for the “me time” – I don’t think you are cut out for it!

C – have just had the people from the holiday house on the phone complaining that they Sky TV is not working and that the broadband speed is too slow and can I do anything about it. I had to point out that we live in the middle of nowhere and we do not have fibre optic broadband, so, no, there is nothing I can do about it as I do not have a magic wand!!! Would you be able to come over to the house before we go to Bournemouth to look at the Sky Box as I know nothing about Sky? Why are they not at the beach in this lovely weather instead of watching TV?

S – exactly! I will be at house at one. Not sure I can do much but will take a look.

C – can you believe it – I have just phoned people at the house to check how Sky is now and it is working and he is sitting watching the cricket (one of the toddlers had pulled out a plug). Why did he not ring me!? I closed the conversation by saying that I would see them tomorrow at ten, to which he replied could they leave later. No, is the answer to that one too. I pointed out that the people arriving tomorrow will be on the doorstep at three champing at the bit to get in and it will take four or five hours to clean the place – hells teeth!!

S – ok, I will see you at yours at one. Just keep calm and carry on.

11 August 2014

S – my back went yesterday so I am in the office staggering around like an old woman. Only hope it is ok by Friday as I have to clean the holiday cottage. What are you up to?

C – I am near Yeovil at a one day event waiting for Phoebe and Toby to arrive. I have horse in trailer and they are coming from Wales – they went to stay with friends in Pembrokeshire for the weekend. I was looking after all the stock and the truck broke down. A very nice AA man came out and informed me it is the alternator – just what we need – not! Sorry to hear about your back.

S – oh dear, that won’t be cheap – hope Phoebe and Toby get to you in time.

Later …

C – check this out someone just posted it on our Facebook page. We liked it.

Weighing Yourself

Full Transmission Has Been Resumed At Last

Camilla, please watch an epidsode of Friends!

Camilla, please watch an epidsode of Friends!

28 May 2014

C – just arrived at second clean and have just had to listen to a ten minute lecture from the old boy giving me a blow by blow account of what he thinks happened to Flight MH370. Such a tragedy and the conspiracy theories flying around are not helping those left behind. On a brighter note, the saddle fits the pony but God knows how I am going to pay for it – I will have to ask if I can do it in instalments. Had a new note at my first clean today “Please can you wet dust with diluted flash!” – what is that all about?

S – gosh, she is a note a week lady – she definitely has cleanliness issue – a bit of a Monica.

C – I agree, but who is Monica?

S – OMG you need to get out more – have you never seen Friends? (I think we may have had this conversation already – just watch an episode, please). How is your leg?

C – don’t ask. Have been given antibiotics after my second visit to the GP but apparently it could be a viral skin infection and I just have to wait for my body to become immune. I have to wash every towel after it has been used only once and wash everyone’s bedding every couple of days – everyone’s bedding, every couple of days – how am I supposed to do that?

S – why do these things always happen to you?

Later …

C – am now home and, thank God, the TV ariel is now fixed so we have all channels up and running after a whole week of nothing. However, the down side is that I found husband firmly in front of TV snoozing. How the other half live!!!

Must Get TV Fixed


I Do! (Photo by The Weekly Gripe)

6 May 2014

S – first clean of the day and I have been left yet another note – added to the list today is to clean the skirting boards and woodwork (I always do them) plus could I iron a huge pile of shirts! Ironing is extra – not part of cleaning the house!!

C – how horrid of her – you cannot fit all that into two hours.

S – think I may need to leave a note of my own to remind her of my “Terms and Conditions” and ironing is not one of them. Could you text me the number of LT Morris as I need to get our aerial fixed. No TV again yesterday which resulted in bed for everyone at 9.00 o’clock – this needs to be avoided in future.

C – oh dear, all in bed at 9.00 o’clock with nothing to do – that is a very bad idea. You need TV to distract husband; will look up aerial man’s number and text it to you post haste.

S – ok, this is one for the blog – can you judge a man by his bed time reading? The man of the house I am cleaning at the moment is reading Analytics at Work; Smarter Decisions, Better Results – seem to remember Michael is always going on about reading the Kama Sutra – what does that say about him?

C – don’t ask; that’s what happens when you marry someone older who “remembers the 60’s!”– I just keep putting it back on the book shelf.

S – now at third clean of the day and am truly exhausted and fed up. Listening to Radio 4 and Reverend Flowers, the ex-chairman of the Co-op Bank, is blaming his use of Class A drugs on caring for his elderly mother. Could we take Class A drugs and blame it on caring for teenage children? Will he be defrocked do you think?

C – well, I think he should be. Am fed up also as my job share lady is on annual leave so I am having to fit her work in today as well – damn nuisance, I come to the office for a rest not to work!

S – how un-thoughtful of her to take leave – bloody work colleagues, no consideration for others.

We Need To Get Down And Dirty

How dirty do we need to get?

How dirty do we need to get?

10 January 2014

S – great programme on Woman’s Hour the other day; yes, I have been converted. They were talking about a very successful novelist who spent a great deal of time struggling to get published, and was surrounded by weak men. Her novel is called Hester, can you Google it if you get time, as not sure of the author’s name. It may provide us with some useful tips.

C – ok, had to text you as I think the New Year is looking up. I was busy dusting and polishing for Mrs P when I noticed a copy of the Radio Times, announcing a new series of Birds of a Feather – must see viewing – thank you ITV.

S – brilliant news but I have a feeling it may clash with Silent Witness, typical of the BBC, they can never get anything quite right.

C – do you think someone will want to make a TV series of our blog. I can see it now. Two country ladies from rural Dorset, finding themselves on the bones of their asses who start blogging to make ends meet. What happens next?

S – well, lots of friends I have spoken to have been very supportive and are enjoying our posts, but the underlying advice is that we need to get a bit more controversial and “down and dirty” – any ideas?

C – I hope, of course, you are speaking metaphorically!! I think we need to do much more research into this before we commit to anything we may regret.