Life Is One Big Dilema

C – OMG, George is bringing his new girlfriend over it’s bloody 10.30 at night, (much too late to be receiving guests) and I have been sloshing back the white wine, you know how it is you have one glass and before you know it the bottle is nearly empty. So this is my dilemma – should I go to bed or try and do the meet, smile and greet; don’t want to look like the some old lush?

Next Morning

C – just thought of another name for our cleaning business “Above Par Cleaning Services”, it has a bit of a ring to it. What do you think?. It’s the only way out of this financial crisis for us. How are things in the office?

S – hit the hay early so just got your text – good name – we need those contract cleans to get the money rolling in. Office is nice an quiet.

C – ok, I think I survived the meet and greet and am sure I have got away with it. Think there must have been a guardian angel watching over me last night. George and his girlfirend wanted some wine and, to my surprise, I managed to find a bottle of Pinot Grigio lurking in the back of the drinks cupboard; next to the out of date pudding wine. I can’t bring myself to tip it down the drain, am sure I have a Delia recipe somewhere that I can use it for. I served the wine up to them with my usual witty repartee and departed swiftly to bed. All cushty as they say. 🙂


S – just having a cuppa, a snack and a read of the Echo.

C – am in Spoons waiting for the girls. Have been like a headless chicken all day wrestling with cows, sheep and work, so not had time to look at blog.

S – don’t worry I will put something together – have a good evening.

C – I will, nothing like a girls night out to cheer me up. It’s always a pleasure. Sorry you can’t make it – will text you all the gossip tomorrow. 🙂


Posh Tottie

Because they can!

Because they can!

22 March 2013

C – Had hideous evening with Phoebe wanting to go to friend’s house on a school night. Gave in as others going; then Phoebe asked me to drive one of her friends back home – her house is miles away. No way was I doing that, so she is staying over. And to top it all George has driven his girlfriend back to Bristol in that heap of a car and has to be at work at the crack of dawn tomorrow. So have screamed at him down the phone.

27 March 2013

C – Hospital visit was dreadful – the poor chap I saw was so young and he had to examine me. Don’t know who was more embarrassed. Anyway, there is good news and bad. He has agreed to uro dynamics test – hooray; but bad news is that there is a 3 to 6 month waiting list just for that. Will be bloody 60 by the time I get surgery!

C – They think it is stress incontinence by the way – what a surprise!

28 March 2013

C – Texting from the edge again. Just had supper with George’s girlfriend; can only say posh tottie – no brains but clearly does the business if you get my drift. Real townie, not George’s type at all. Just smiling and trying to be happy. This is hard.

S – Oh well, at least she sat down to dinner – better posh than not.

29 March 2013

C – My God it’s only 5.30pm and I am already gagging for wine. No hope for me. Poor Toby slept in the truck last night in the sheep field as the lambs keep dying of cold immediatley they are born; he has been non stop today. He really needs to sleep soon.

S – Oh crap. He must have been frozen. He can’t do that too often.

C – He was, I slept like a log though, with no snoring or farting. Hey ho. Posh totty gone home so George is helping with the sheep tonight.

S – That’s good. Is she around over Ester weekend?

C – No, so some respite I hope. Will speak tomorrow about visiting Julia as we are full on with lambing. I my need to drive as Phoebe is working and I need to pick her up at 1030 pm and Toby is busy with lambing. Such a pain as I was looking forward to a glass or five.

S – I will have a glass or five for you.

C– Thanks, does not make me feel better.