All Manner of Grief

Livestock to be fed!

Livestock to be fed!

C – How was your weekend I find myself muttering to best pal Sheshe, whilst doubled over with pain due to undiagnosed ailments as suffered by persons of a certain age.  It is at times like these that I wish I had worked a tad harder at school, gone to University and landed myself better job rather than facing the prospect of having to cancel my cleaning jobs next week.  Sheshe recommended not to Google symptoms or reach for ancient Readers Digest Family Medical Book which Sheshe’s husband does frequently, causing himself unnecessary worry and gnashing of teeth.   Regrettably, I have spent the weekend with absent husband (as per usual) who has been sailing in Rutland, even with the worst storm in 20 years predicted. This left me with all manner of grief, livestock to be fed and children to be transported and supported at various sporting events. 

The upshot of my ailment is that, for the first time in many years, I have watched more than my fair share of Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor, Casualty, Jonathon Ross, One Man and His Dog and Coronation Street this weekend – in between livestock and parenting duties, of course.  Not to be repeated! 

Having studied our Google Analytics (yes, we have that now) we have noticed that our most popular post to date is the one entitled Fifty Shades of Rural Dorset! 

I don’t think today’s post is one of my best but the thing about blogging is that you have to take the rough with the smooth. The trouble with being in pain is that one looses one’s sense of humour. 


Fifty Shades of Rural Dorset

S – Starting this blog has been not dissimilar to becoming first time mothers. Having created this monster we then looked to friends for comments and guidance. The upshot is that, like rearing children, there is no right or wrong way to write a blog but lots of challenges to be overcome. Everyone giving you different advice, but no one offering any practical help other than Rich Baby, our wonderful IT guru, whose last text referred to turning his attention to the black art of promoting the Fifty Shades of Rural Dorset (his name for our blog)!! Words have been bandied about such as passion, dedicated to your subject and time consuming. A lot of discussion has been directed at our texts not being current. This is because we started compiling them some time ago and, due to our reference to the weather (and lambs dying of cold), they would leave our readers a little baffled if they were not dated correctly. As our writing gathers pace we should be up-to-date soon and, hopefully, be blogging in the present!

We notice that Cherry Menlove really does write what she is thinking (and straight from the heart). We have taken a leaf out of her book and are doing the same. I have been helping Camilla with her cleaning today (as she has just had the life changing operation she has been waiting for; yes she can now sneeze without her gusset being awash). Whilst cleaning we discovered a Pet Correction Spray that made a perfect hissing noise whilst dispensing a blast of air, for correcting those challenging pets. We both, however, agreed that it would be perfect of getting idle teenagers out of bed on a school day.

Yet again I glance at our blog and we are being told that “Zemanta is inactive! You need to write your blog post in Visual mode for Zemanta to work! What oh what does this one mean?