“Why are we doing this?” – we asked ourselves that question – being married and having teenagers is not a walk in the park!  Blogging much cheaper than counselling, so here we go!  We are two ladies, living in rural Dorset, who have decided to move into the 21st Century (which is where our children are constantly reminding us we need to be) and create a blog.

We have already struggled for some time to get to this front page (including one false start on another blog site which we have now ditched), and we still haven’t found out how to insert any of those trendy pastel photos so beloved of other life style bloggers.  The option to customise our page developed into a fiasco that left us with nothing more than a pretty purple background. 

We are basing our blog on sharing the many and varied heart felt text messages we send to each other when the going gets tough, or just to make each other smile.

Both having husbands and teenage children we have noticed that many people blog about their wonderful babies, homes beautiful and idyllic lifestyles, which seem so far out of reach to the average person.  We feel this blog will be similar to one of those pre-school groups, where others can share with us the highs and lows of the teenage years and country life in general!

A pact has been made never to blog after the consumption of too much wine, following the incident of the Bishop who tweeted inappropriately after drinking excessive amounts of communion wine.

Sheshe and Camilla do not want to reveal their exact age, however, we fall into the bracket that is frequently in the news – “Over 50’s Drinking Too Much!”  If you would like to comment on our blog please feel free to do so – nice comments only, of course, or we will cry.


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