Heads Up Girls, Lindeman’s £4.99 In The Co-op

Happy Valentines Day To Me

Happy Valentines Day To Me

12 February 2014

C – if you get a moment Google Quarterdeck – that is where I am. It is fabulous, loving the electric gates, very chic – I could see us retiring together here!! Huge kitchen that even has a wine fridge, heavenly.

S – wish I was with you looking round – it sounds marvellous.

C – OMG – the en-suite bathroom has a TV at the end of the bath – that is going to be my room. Also, all the lights come on when you walk into the rooms – fab!!

S – I have to have a TV in my bathroom too you know.

13 February 2014

C – how are you feeling today?

S – not too bad. There were twenty of us. Most of them had spent two hours slugging it back in the Vivo Lounge first. Food not good as per usual, and very small portions but buckets of wine, so a good time was had by all. Sat next to woman who bought the large house in the village and opposite the Smith lady who has split up from her husband – he was having an affair.

C – lady with big house must be minted then – has Smith lady’s husband been bonking anyone we know?

S – they are from London and have split the house in two as her parents live there as well. Do not know who he has been bonking but I fear it was always on the cards.

C – yes, I think he must have played the “my wife doesn’t understand me” card – bastard.

C – bloody awful evening. Two hours of Shakespeare is the last thing you need on a Friday night after a long week. Thank God for the large glass of wine during the interval. Went out after for a quick cheap meal. Phoebe left her phone at school so had to drive like a bat our of hell back to get it, as world had come to an end at the thought of a weekend without it. Toby did his usual and ordered the most expensive thing on the menu. My food not very good and by the time you add on a beer, a coke and buckets of wine it cost the thick end of £50, which it has taken me eight hours to earn. Hells teeth, am never going out again. Will get chips on the way home next time.

S – why does he do that?

C – he is a man, full stop. They do it on purpose to piss us off – and it works.

14 February 2014

C – happy Valentines Day.

S – what’s to be happy about, been running around since sparrows fart (as Aussie Patrick would say); am I the only person in this house who can do anything?

C – now at second clean, dinning table set for two with red rose in vase – OMG I want to vomit – how could anyone have such a perfect life. Oh no, champagne and chocolates in the fridge and candles in the bathroom – it is going to be a big night I think.


It All Starts To Fall Apart After 50

7 January 2014

C- have got to go to the dentist today for another session of torture. At work yesterday my filling fell out and a hairline crack appeared around the bottom of my tooth. Do you think it is my age or have I just got extraordinarily crumbling teeth?

S – it’s definitely an age thing, after fifty it all beings to fall apart. Have been in bed with the lurgie, feeling ghastly, must be some winter bug going around. Can’t get out of bed or even think about blogging today.

C – poor you, just take it easy. Back from dentist; OMG he is amazing. He has totally rebuilt my tooth, and only cost £49; a bargin and he is drop dead gorgeous to boot. It’s almost worth the grief just to look into those eyes. I think I could get used to that Polish accent, it has rather a pleasant ring to it. Has cheered up my day no end. It’s the little things in life at our age.

S – oh sounds interesting, I have the lady dentist, must see if I can swap. Does he have gentle hands?

C – most definitely, gentle but firm, just perfect. He, he