Grey and Greyer

Will this be the new, relaxed Camilla after her Christmas leave?

Will this be the new, relaxed Camilla after her Christmas leave? (Photo by

5 November 2014

C – I have just been sent my electronic leave card. It seems I have 7 days accrued; how I am not sure as I have only been here five minutes. It appears that 20 day is my annual allowance and that does not include the 2 weeks for Christmas and New Year. Apparently, we finish at lunchtime on Christmas Eve and are not back until 5th January! What will I do with myself; I will need to get an extra cleaning job over the festive season as I don’t think I can do nothing for that long!

S – welcome to the world of local government. I only have to work two days over the festive season and one of them is Christmas Eve so thought I would come in and see what happens. Am hoping I will be told to go home early; I can’t imagine I will be sitting here until 5.00pm!!

C – have decided, whilst gazing around the office, that I need to get my hair “coiffured”. No-one here has a hair out of place, but I suppose when one sits still for so long one’s hair does not move.

S – you have it right. My boss came in this morning sporting new hair cut and it had also been beautifully coloured – three shades excellently blended. Not like my three shades – muddy brown, grey and greyer!!


Not The “M” Word, Please

I never thought one of these would be so essential. (Photo by Fazong)

I never thought one of these would be so essential. (Photo by Fazong)

28 January 2014

S – Diana is running late and won’t be here until 1100, possibly later. Thought you may be able to make it to have your hair done and to do some blogging.

C – am waiting to hear from George to find out if he needs any last minute stuff for trip – I will get it whilst he is packing. Also I have told him he must clean out that tip of a car before he leaves for foreign parts. As you know, nothing will get done if I am not here cracking the whip so will have to see how I get on. Say hi to Diana if I don’t make it and be bold with the hair colour – you need it to last!

S – yes, definitely going for bold – I will be a blond bombshell by the end on the day. I can’t stand all that grey any longer. When did it all happen? One minute my hair was a mass of think fair curls and the next it was grey and brittle!!!

C – I think it is called having children followed by the menopause!

S – not the “M” word, please, I have got to the point where the fan in my office is the most essential piece of equipment.

C – and who did you have to sleep with to get a fan in your office, I wonder?

S – that’s my little secret, but it was a good move as I heard on the radio that some people can suffer with the menopause for as long as 8 years. Other side effects can be loss of libido, mood swings, sleeplessness. I thought that theses were the side effect of being married and having teenage children.

C – hooray thanks for sharing that news with me. I have all the above plus the urge to stab someone whose name I will not mention on a regular basis. Wine helps!!! Can’t wait to see the new Blonde Sheshe, I may not recognise you, unless you have got a glass in your hand.

Christmas Fever

Christmas Stress

Christmas Stress

C – sorry have not been in touch over the last few days but am feeling a bit like the English Cricket Team, down in the dumps and defeated by Christmas fever. I suppose that’s better than being in the jaws of the Aussies at the Ashes.

S – oh, was only saying to Charlie no text messages from Camilla to cheer up my day. Why so down in the dumps?

C – have got the pre Christmas blues, you know how I hate it when everyone goes into “Commercial Christmas Overdrive”. Crystal has sent me the most wonderful Christmas Apron with a note to say “Saw this and thought of you”.  I will send you a photo.

S – I heard a really funny item on TV being discused the other day that may cheer you up. Is was about the return of the hair scrunchy? It has been described as the track suit bottoms of the hair world. Can you believe people debating such nonsense? Some fashion guru was discussing the fact the if you wear a scrunchy you should not make the mistake of leaving the house.

C – is it the same as those hair grips on ether side of your face that you are always forgetting to remove before leaving the house. 🙂 What is the definition of a scrunchy?

S – well I am told it is a lot of fabric wrapped around a hair elastic. They come in many shapes, colours and fabrics and I think they can be the perfect accessory for the festive season, if worn in velvet or a sparkly material. Do you think they are suddenly coming back into fashion? And by the way, you know how sensitive I am about my curly hair. I need those hair grips in when my hair is wet otherwise I end up with frizzy wings on either side of my head!

C – yes, I know – will make sure that when you are with me you are never seen in public sporting them! Think I will do the Christmas supermarket trolley dash at five in the morning as I can’t stand the crowds. By the way I have ordered the Christmas wreaths, will collect tomorrow and the bad news is they have gone up this year to six pounds each!!