Is George Going For A Record?

George - get some protection!

George – get some protection!

17 October 2014

C – am cleaning and listening to Radio 4. Some woman has made a fortune out of blogging about her dog which sleeps on the end of her bed – a poodle cross something. It is rather too gooey for me – look her up blog; it is called Plumdog or some such.

S – have looked at blog – she is an illustrator and it does look rather appealing – maybe that is what we need – an illustrator to fluff up our blog!!

20 October 2014

S – made a casserole for the five of us. I went to the neighbours for a drink with my sister (had one too many, of course). Came home and three people have eaten the casserole for five! How does that work? Christina and I now have to have cottage cheese and salad!!!

C – it works no better in my house. Home at five then straight back out with Phoebe to riding lesson. Got home and Toby asleep in the chair – I now have to cook something and do the washing up! Just think of the calories saved by eating cottage cheese instead of casserole. Am off to bed, as Toby watching the golf and it is like watching paint dry – hell’s teeth.

21 October 2014

S – am doing extra day at estate agents but only have one viewing booked. Was just about to go out when Laura said she would do the viewing as everyone gets lost in Stinsford! How the hell can anyone get lost going to (or in) Stinsford – sneeze and you would miss it. I did not argue with her as I could not be bothered, so here I am doing bloody call outs.

C – silly cow. Well, that is one for the blog – must make sure we put a link to Stinsford in it for those who do not live in Dorset. Have just seen one of our followers – she spotted me across the car park in Tesco’s and shouted “I hope that is not wine in that bag”, to which I replied, “Oh no, it is mineral water”. My nose is getting very long.

Later …

C – just had a text from Diane in Australia – Goerge got a ticket for driving without wearing a seat belt while he was over there, and it has just fluttered onto her doormat – he was using her utility when he was working for her. I have to pay $100 otherwise he will not be able to return to Oz.

S – is that boy going for some sort of record? That is the third continent on which he has managed to be fined for not wearing a seat belt!!

C – I think he is – it is like throwing money I do not have away. With Toby at it as well I am beside myslef.


Could Be Heading Down The Same Path As “Older” Korean Women!

It's in the name!

It’s in the name!

24 April 2014

C – listening to the radio whilst scrubbing and cleaning, as usual. Discussion being had about the reason for the increase in “older” Korean women turning to prostitution – could it be money?

S – well, I suppose they are able to earn more in twenty minutes than they would working all day in another job.

C – twenty minutes sounds a long time. I would have thought ten minutes would be ample.

S – yes, you are right, ten minutes is plenty of time.

Later …

S – lady you clean for is in the office today. She is very attractive and normally wears nice clothes but today she has definitely “lost the plot” and is wearing skinny jeans – I am sorry but you have to be skinny to wear skinny jeans; it’s in the name. Still, I suppose we all have those items in our wardrobe that we should really never have purchased!

C – I don’t have that problem as there are so few items in my wardrobe! I have just been looking at my credit card bill and think I will, unfortunately, be going down the same road as the aging Korean ladies soon. Every time I turn round someone else has got their fingers in my purse, and that includes Toby! 😦

We Need To Get Down And Dirty

How dirty do we need to get?

How dirty do we need to get?

10 January 2014

S – great programme on Woman’s Hour the other day; yes, I have been converted. They were talking about a very successful novelist who spent a great deal of time struggling to get published, and was surrounded by weak men. Her novel is called Hester, can you Google it if you get time, as not sure of the author’s name. It may provide us with some useful tips.

C – ok, had to text you as I think the New Year is looking up. I was busy dusting and polishing for Mrs P when I noticed a copy of the Radio Times, announcing a new series of Birds of a Feather – must see viewing – thank you ITV.

S – brilliant news but I have a feeling it may clash with Silent Witness, typical of the BBC, they can never get anything quite right.

C – do you think someone will want to make a TV series of our blog. I can see it now. Two country ladies from rural Dorset, finding themselves on the bones of their asses who start blogging to make ends meet. What happens next?

S – well, lots of friends I have spoken to have been very supportive and are enjoying our posts, but the underlying advice is that we need to get a bit more controversial and “down and dirty” – any ideas?

C – I hope, of course, you are speaking metaphorically!! I think we need to do much more research into this before we commit to anything we may regret.

Rising To The Challenge

Bottom's Up To Spinning.  We Will Drink To That

Bottom’s Up To Spinning. We Will Drink To That

9 January 2014

C – following an announcement on the radio this morning that “sugar is the new tobacco” and should be banished from our homes, I found myself relieved that for a change it was not the consumption of alcohol that was being named as the culprit of all that is evil.

S – phew what a relief, I agree with you on that one. Thankfully am on the mend and heading for the office today, so text me when you get a moment. Not sure what the day holds for me but am ready for anything.

C – had a call from Aussie Patrick today, he has been watching the news and was concerned that we may have been washed away in the floods. There have been lots of reports all over the news in Oz about the UK weather. I gave him the low down and told him the tale of the “Quad Bike Queens” which he found highly amusing.

S – he would have loved all the excitement of moving the waterlogged stock, and would have been crashing through the floods as only such a large Australia character like Patrick can.

C – was feeling down in the dumps yesterday, must have the January blues, we need something to look forward to, therefore, I have taken matters into my own hands and booked our very first spinning session. I have spoken to the very young man who takes the class and he sounds very keen to have us. What do you say to Tuesday next week? That gives us time to get ourselves back on form, break out the Lycra and get ready to impress, as I am sure we will. (Have heard from a friend that he is a bit of a hunk) 🙂

S – need to check my diary as I have a lot on next week, and I don’t want to rush into this spinning thing, so I will let you know.

C – ok, but no backing out now this maybe just what we need to get us back into shape, mentally and physically. Today spinning tomorrow who knows.

Later …

C – can’t believe it, that Michael Portillo is back on the TV waffling on about yet another boring train story. He is sporting yet another hideous jacket, this time in electric blue. No wait; now he is wearing a fuchsia pink crushed velvet number, hells teeth has the man lost the plot? Has he no idea about clothes? Someone needs to call Gok Wan for a serious make over please. Remember he did that TV series How to look good naked, although don’t think he has a cat in hells chance with Michael darling.

C – don’t think we want to see Michael naked but Gok’s Fashion Fix might be useful for him!

Eat Your Heart Out Miranda!

C – was wondering what you are up to today, are you in town rummaging through those sale rails?

S – Sorry for late response but have been changing over the house after the Christmas Holiday and forgot to take my phone.

C – everyone seems to be incommunicado today. Maybe it’s the big clear up after Christmas. All those jobs we need to get done before going back to work on Monday. Not a great thought. I never fell like I am back to normal until the kids go back to school. Have just had a debate with Pheoboe who is moaning again about me spending too much time blogging. She says that I am like Tilly from the comedy show Miranda!!! I have never watched it so had to ask for an example. The response came rather kirtly, that when I use the word “incommunicado” I sound like her when she says “delicoso” which is supposed to mean delicious. What do you think.

S – Yes I think I can see the similarity!!

C – Well I can’t. I see myself much more like the talented, successful and funny Miranda but definitely not the silly side kick. Did you hear Miranda on Desert Island Discs this week, very amusing?

C – by the way exciting news I have discovered the sender of the Christmas Hamper?

S – apogolies but cannot find a picture for todays blog as internet down and useless husband has taken to his bed with man flu.

C – typical, if you want a job doing, do it your bloody self as you can never rely on a man!!

Giving Radio 4 A Try

Giving Radio 4 a try.  (Photo by Griszka Niewiadomski)

Giving Radio 4 a try. (Photo by Griszka Niewiadomski)

27 December 2013

S – as suggested am giving Radio 4 a try and heard an interesting discussion. Some scientists decided to do a study to see if couples could be happier if they did not argue. It was decided that the husbands would agree to everything that the wives said and wanted. After a short time happiness was measured and had increased slightly in the women. However, after twelve days the study had to be abandoned as the men fell into deep depression. Oh well!!

C – oh well, exactly – what a surprise! It is my first morning at the new clean in Dorchester. Everything wonderful; house and garden beautiful – all that money can buy. Racks full of wine and was just vacuuming the sitting room when the door bell rang. Yet another huge box of wine being delivered – they are definitely sipping their wine, not tipping it down their necks!! We need to adopt this attitude to wine consumption.

S – I agree entirely, if the last week is anything to go by. How are the scars healing up?

C – oh not to bad, must not crumble. Have been busy changing over the house today with the girls, everyone a bit subdued must be the Post Christmas Blues, or is it that we are all exhausted with the preparations before hand. I think we should have a year off. What do you think?