No Sofas Here

I need a job with Camilla!

I need a job with Camilla!

4 December 2014

C – hope you are at your desk clocking up the hours.  As I descended the stairs this morning I thought oh good I am off to work for a rest, these words I have heard you utter on numerous occasions. Well I have joined the club. I was the first person in the office today 0755 clock in a good start to the day. Had a call from George and he sounded a bit down in the dumps – I think too much partying has caused a bit of a melt down!

S – you are good – 0755!! As you say work is now when you rest and recuperate for the rigours of your days off!! I am resting working at the Hospital today. I have nice cup of tea at my side – so win, win I say. I am sure George will be partying hard again soon.

C – a new admin girl has started today; extremely glamorous, tall, slim, very high heeled shoes, hair and make up perfect!!!

S – just what you need to make you feel good. You have little to do – what will she do?

C – she seems to be in the general admin section so not sure how busy they are. I will be away from my desk for a while as I have catch up meeting in the BREAKOUT AREA with the Head of Admin. That should take my mind off food for a while as I will have to be seen to be taking some notes. Oh no !!!!!!!!!!!

S – what the hell are you catching up on in the BREAKOUT AREA – sounds like an excuse to sit on a comfy “Friends Style Sofa” with a cuppa in your hand. I am thinking I need a job in your office – we don’t have any sofas here – please let me know if anything is going – I mean that!

C – yes I will. The meeting is about the unmatched files; all 1798 of them and how we are going to tackle the job.  Have had the meeting and I have typed up the processes necessary so pressure is on!!! The new lady has immaculate hair; not one out of place whilst I look like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards.  Washed my hair and left it down as I have been told by my daughter that I am now too old for pony tail in public!


Close Your Eyes And Think Of England!

Must try not to do too much typing and, yes, I do remember using one like this!  (Photo by Robert Messenger)

Must try not to do too much typing and, yes, I do remember using one like this! (Photo by Robert Messenger)

4 June 2014

C – at first clean and leg is still bad this morning. Thought it felt better when I got up, but now I am on my feet it is not so good. Mind you I have been down to the stables, got horses in and taken dogs for a walk all before 7.45 am. Oh for a lay in! I have heard nothing from the antipodes – thought the phone would be red hot after I put those old photos of us all on Facebook.

Later …

C – have just been asked to get undressed for mammogram and now have to expose enormous lopsided boobs to nurse – what fun! And to boot I came out of the wrong door and ended up “flashing my bazookas” to the poor lady who was waiting to go after me!

S – oh dear – had mine last week and did not flash them to the general public. No, not fun but it has to be done. I am on DES Accounting Course at work and it is putting me to sleep. Get me out of here!

C – poor you, that DES is hideous – I had to do a course when I was on the bank staff. Close your eyes and think of England.

5 June 2014

S – Paul and Judy came for a drink last night. I definitely have a problem. Drank a shed load more than anyone else and feel ghastly this morning. Think the only answer is to go tea total, as I just don’t know when to stop. How is your leg?

C – leg still bad. Nearly finished antibiotics but they do not seem to have helped. I know what you mean about the drink but we only live once. I started on the red last night (after the white) – big mistake – only consolation is that I was able to have a lie in – didn’t have to get up until 7.30am, yippee.

S – getting up that late, whatever next?

C – oh hell – just had call from solicitors dealing with George’s university accommodation and they did not receive my cheque for £500 for the deposit for his rent. I know I sent it as I have the cheque stub and it was with the signed tenancy agreement, which they have – most peculiar. Have had to cancel the cheque and do a bank transfer for £500 which I thought I had paid – I must keep a tighter control on my finances!

S – keeping control of finances not easy. We don’t seem to manage it very well at all.

C – just arrived at Charminster clean. She was still home as running late. She was munching on something that did not look at all healthy. Kids were playing up and shouting lots – hooray, there is a God.

S – just arrived at work. My wrist is still bad but did not want to take day off sick (unlike others I could mention). So life is not all a bed or roses, wine and chocolates at Charminster, after all. Another one of hose perfect lives that is perhaps not so perfect.

C – yes, perhaps it is the case – I don’t think anyone’s life is perfect. If you can, try not to do too much typing!

Financial Situation Will Only Get Worse With University On The Horizon

No Piggy Bank to raid!

No Piggy Bank to raid!

29 April 2014

C – had e-mail from George to say he has filled in the student finance forms and submitted them online, so we just need to do our bit and it is sorted, thank goodness. Am bored, bored, bored with cleaning – why have we not been discovered – I need that fame and, in particular, that fortune? Financial situation is only going to get worse with this university thing – the cost of it all scares me. I told Toby that we need to sell some ewes and lambs to pay the Council Tax and he said they will wait – since when I ask?

S – since never, the council do not wait for their money, a bit like the Inland Revenue.

C – how are things in your neck of the woods? Am at second clean and fed up; old boy not very well and in bed and she is beside herself that he will die and she will be left alone. Bugger old age; it is not my bag – all that grief and distress is not for me. I will drink more wine and at least I will have worn out my internal organs and had my moneys worth.

S – yes, old age can be very trying – we will have to ride through it together if we get there. Lady I work with is off on holiday again, not sure how she does it on her salary – she must be digging money up in her garden.

C – wish I was, oh forgot I have not got a garden – bugger that is where I have gone wrong; and to add to my grief my tax disk has just run out so have got to pull another £250 out of my arse to pay for that. No wonder I drink too much wine!

S – perhaps I should start digging in my garden for both of us.

C – good idea. We have lambs being born every day again now – they are all first time mothers and as mad as hatters – they keep running away when the lamb is born; a natural reaction I suppose when you haven’t done it before. And to boot I have just phoned the estate agents to claim commission for a house I sold that completed last Friday. Apparently, when a sale has completed you don’t get paid until the month after the completion – how does that work?

S – damn cheek – you need that money. and those boots have got your name on them, I will get into town tomorrow and see if they are in the sale yet.

C – well, you don’t need to worry because I happen to know one of the sales assistants and have asked her to give me the heads up if they are in the sale, but sadly no news yet.