At First You Are At It All The Time!

We have to be routinely checked for anthrax, apparently!

We have to be routinely checked for cause of death

22 April 2014

C – excellent, school bus has gone past Phoebe, not a good start to the summer term. Will have to battle into Dorchester.

C – The Broadmayne and West Knighton buses did not arrive at all so those kids will be getting a day off, as most parents have gone to work already. Toby had a terrible night – he has had no sleep as we had several dead ewes and lambs. I am doing extra work today for a friend at the holiday cottages she cleans, as she has been let down. I am worried about George as not a peep on his phone or Facebook.

S – I am sure George is ok – he has always been bad at keeping in touch. Do you need help with the cottages as I am free today.

C – we will be fine as the cottages are very small. Oh, and to top it all off one of the calves has died so that is £150 down the drain and the vet will have to come out to decide why it died so more expense.

S – oh dear, I hope all the other ones are ok. Do you have to have the vet to decide cause of death?

C – it seems we do as the Ministry of Agriculture have to check to see what the cause of death was – it is a legal requirement – I suppose it is for the best in view of the issues with swine flu in the past. By the way our IT guru, Rich Baby, thinks our blog needs to be more salacious. He has noticed that we are not blogging every day and I said blogging is a bit like a new relationship; at first you are at it all the time but as time goes by it becomes less and less. I am reminded that we once blogged three times in one day – does anyone have any tips on how to keep the momentum going?

S – yes, it is hard to keep the momentum going but I do not want to give up. It has been such fun and I am sure we will have more time when the lambs are sold and my friend in Bournemouth is sorted out. Her husband has now died (which is a happy release as he was so ill) so she will have to make some decision about where she wants to live as she will need to go into a home, unfortunately.

C – I am sorry – you can only do your best as Bournemouth is quite a trip. I am sure things will be easier once she is settled somewhere.


Around £900.00 Per Week Seems To Be The Going Rate!

There must be some gin in there somewhere!

There must be some gin in there somewhere!

16 April 2014


S – I am afraid we have been very silent for the past week or so. Things seem to have “got on top of” both of us. Toby has fifty or so more sheep starting to lamb, after a break (and some respite for Camilla) of about two weeks. I, on the other hand, have been preoccupied with a very dear friend and husband of my parents. They are very elderly (90 plus), have no next of kin, being childless, and have both been admitted into hospital in the last week. I am unable to refuse to help and have been travelling to Bournemouth once or twice a week to see them and trying to arrange some sort or care upon discharge from hospital. Camilla has been very supportive and has accompanied me a couple of times on this “errand of mercy”. The husband is extremely ill and, I feel, unlikely to come out of hospital. Well, enough of old age. Camilla and I have agreed to keep drinking the gin and wine and try to avoid any prospect of a nursing home at £911.00 per week, which seems to be the going rate!

Upon switching on the TV this evening, after my conversations with hospital Social Services and numerous care homes which all seem to be full, I was greeted with the devastating news of the sinking ferry off South Korea. Why are Camilla and I stressing so much over our children and their GCSE results? All we need to worry about is that they are alive and well. On this very sad note I will finish with no answer to the question – where is God at these times? Camilla is a firm non-believer whilst I hang on to my belief in a better place to the world we live in.

All a bit deep for Sheshe and Camilla but we find ourselves not being very “amusing and diverting” at the moment.