Full Transmission Has Been Resumed At Last

Camilla, please watch an epidsode of Friends!

Camilla, please watch an epidsode of Friends!

28 May 2014

C – just arrived at second clean and have just had to listen to a ten minute lecture from the old boy giving me a blow by blow account of what he thinks happened to Flight MH370. Such a tragedy and the conspiracy theories flying around are not helping those left behind. On a brighter note, the saddle fits the pony but God knows how I am going to pay for it – I will have to ask if I can do it in instalments. Had a new note at my first clean today “Please can you wet dust with diluted flash!” – what is that all about?

S – gosh, she is a note a week lady – she definitely has cleanliness issue – a bit of a Monica.

C – I agree, but who is Monica?

S – OMG you need to get out more – have you never seen Friends? (I think we may have had this conversation already – just watch an episode, please). How is your leg?

C – don’t ask. Have been given antibiotics after my second visit to the GP but apparently it could be a viral skin infection and I just have to wait for my body to become immune. I have to wash every towel after it has been used only once and wash everyone’s bedding every couple of days – everyone’s bedding, every couple of days – how am I supposed to do that?

S – why do these things always happen to you?

Later …

C – am now home and, thank God, the TV ariel is now fixed so we have all channels up and running after a whole week of nothing. However, the down side is that I found husband firmly in front of TV snoozing. How the other half live!!!


At First You Are At It All The Time!

We have to be routinely checked for anthrax, apparently!

We have to be routinely checked for cause of death

22 April 2014

C – excellent, school bus has gone past Phoebe, not a good start to the summer term. Will have to battle into Dorchester.

C – The Broadmayne and West Knighton buses did not arrive at all so those kids will be getting a day off, as most parents have gone to work already. Toby had a terrible night – he has had no sleep as we had several dead ewes and lambs. I am doing extra work today for a friend at the holiday cottages she cleans, as she has been let down. I am worried about George as not a peep on his phone or Facebook.

S – I am sure George is ok – he has always been bad at keeping in touch. Do you need help with the cottages as I am free today.

C – we will be fine as the cottages are very small. Oh, and to top it all off one of the calves has died so that is £150 down the drain and the vet will have to come out to decide why it died so more expense.

S – oh dear, I hope all the other ones are ok. Do you have to have the vet to decide cause of death?

C – it seems we do as the Ministry of Agriculture have to check to see what the cause of death was – it is a legal requirement – I suppose it is for the best in view of the issues with swine flu in the past. By the way our IT guru, Rich Baby, thinks our blog needs to be more salacious. He has noticed that we are not blogging every day and I said blogging is a bit like a new relationship; at first you are at it all the time but as time goes by it becomes less and less. I am reminded that we once blogged three times in one day – does anyone have any tips on how to keep the momentum going?

S – yes, it is hard to keep the momentum going but I do not want to give up. It has been such fun and I am sure we will have more time when the lambs are sold and my friend in Bournemouth is sorted out. Her husband has now died (which is a happy release as he was so ill) so she will have to make some decision about where she wants to live as she will need to go into a home, unfortunately.

C – I am sorry – you can only do your best as Bournemouth is quite a trip. I am sure things will be easier once she is settled somewhere.

I’m Really In The Mood For A Quickie!!

8 February 2014

I have been sent some really funny pictures which I would like to share with you all. Thanks to Crystal for sending them, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Think Sheshe was drinking out of this glass last night

Think Sheshe was drinking out of this glass last night

Could this be Sheshe and Camilla in a few years?

Could this be Sheshe and Camilla in a few years?

Wise words indeed

Wise words indeed

Our thoughts are with all the poor folks whose houses are still flooded; with more rain forecast there seems little hope of a reprieve any time soon.

I was hoping to get together with Sheshe to formulate our Exercise Regime/Plan B and weight loss programme, but find myself alone and blogging. Sheshe was out on the tiles yesterday with some “New Friends”. I was woken from my sleep late last night by my phone dinging. Thought it may be some news from George, but it was a very scrambled text from Sheshe – obviously a good time was had by all!! I spoke to her this morning and she was not up to coming over. I hope she feels better tomorrow. 🙂

Is It Splash Or Flash?

Who is this guy - no name under photo on Splash website?

Who is this guy – no name under photo on Splash website?

3 February 2014

C – did you watch that hysterically funny episode of Splash on Saturday night – a guy lost his trunks in the Splash Off? The commentator said they would not be revisiting the dive with the pool camera and asked that he fix the elastic in his trunks before next week. I could not put a name to his face, as I was too busy checking out the Budgie Smugglers he was wearing. He had lots of tattoos but I am hopeless with celebrities, don’t know who anybody is – I need to spend more time reading Hello Magazine. It was the best Saturday nights TV viewing in ages; on a par with Casualty. Has it been mentioned in the tabloids this morning, I wonder.

S – have not seen a paper today but have made a note to make sure I tune in to Splash next week. Not keen on Casualty myself – all that misery.

C – I do like a bit of doom and gloom – it is light entertainment in my book. I don’t have the luxury of Sky TV like you so my choices are limited.

S – if it was up to me the Sky TV would be cut off – it is only full of repeats and general rubbish. We don’t have the Movies or the Sport as it is too expensive. We just seem to watch endless re-runs of Friends.

Later ..

C – working at estate agents this afternoon as someone is on holiday. Am developing a large boil on my top lip, so that is not looking good but nothing I can do about it. The good news is I have made a sale so will be getting some commission – only £60 but better than “a poke in the eye with a sharp stick”, as they say.

S – well done! Boil sounds painful and not what you want when showing buyers around! Have got Amber coming round for tea at three, as I am not at work and I have not seen her in ages.

C – say hello from me; bet she is surprised at my new career in estate agents. Hope Amber’s new man is still ringing her bells. All I get is snoring – I really need to address the situation and send Toby for some medical advice!

S – yes, snoring is so very irritating and destroys one’s sleep.

Rising To The Challenge

Bottom's Up To Spinning.  We Will Drink To That

Bottom’s Up To Spinning. We Will Drink To That

9 January 2014

C – following an announcement on the radio this morning that “sugar is the new tobacco” and should be banished from our homes, I found myself relieved that for a change it was not the consumption of alcohol that was being named as the culprit of all that is evil.

S – phew what a relief, I agree with you on that one. Thankfully am on the mend and heading for the office today, so text me when you get a moment. Not sure what the day holds for me but am ready for anything.

C – had a call from Aussie Patrick today, he has been watching the news and was concerned that we may have been washed away in the floods. There have been lots of reports all over the news in Oz about the UK weather. I gave him the low down and told him the tale of the “Quad Bike Queens” which he found highly amusing.

S – he would have loved all the excitement of moving the waterlogged stock, and would have been crashing through the floods as only such a large Australia character like Patrick can.

C – was feeling down in the dumps yesterday, must have the January blues, we need something to look forward to, therefore, I have taken matters into my own hands and booked our very first spinning session. I have spoken to the very young man who takes the class and he sounds very keen to have us. What do you say to Tuesday next week? That gives us time to get ourselves back on form, break out the Lycra and get ready to impress, as I am sure we will. (Have heard from a friend that he is a bit of a hunk) 🙂

S – need to check my diary as I have a lot on next week, and I don’t want to rush into this spinning thing, so I will let you know.

C – ok, but no backing out now this maybe just what we need to get us back into shape, mentally and physically. Today spinning tomorrow who knows.

Later …

C – can’t believe it, that Michael Portillo is back on the TV waffling on about yet another boring train story. He is sporting yet another hideous jacket, this time in electric blue. No wait; now he is wearing a fuchsia pink crushed velvet number, hells teeth has the man lost the plot? Has he no idea about clothes? Someone needs to call Gok Wan for a serious make over please. Remember he did that TV series How to look good naked, although don’t think he has a cat in hells chance with Michael darling.

C – don’t think we want to see Michael naked but Gok’s Fashion Fix might be useful for him!