Happy New Year!

Even Camilla's underwear is wet!  (Photo by John Nyberg)

Even Camilla’s underwear is wet! (Photo by John Nyberg)

1 January 2014

S – I have just phoned Camilla to wish her a Happy New Year and things are already not looking good. She is in the middle of a field overlooking the sea, chasing sheep. She is helping Toby out as he has organised for the ewes to be pregnancy tested today, and the weather is unbelievably dreadful. There were a few expletives followed by “I must go, will talk later”. It is lashing with rain and the winds are extraordinary – she is not in a happy place! Camilla is not a great lover of the festive season and took her decorations down this morning. Now I don’t like the decorations hanging around for weeks into the New Year but New Year’s Day is a bit early for their removal, even for me.