Could Not Leave It Buzzing By The Bed

Could this be him (Photo by

Can you spot the car? (Photo by

2 July 2014

C – I forgot to say, blog fans are asking about Mr S – they are missing updates.

S – yes, he was one of our best characters. Bloody nuisance but very close to home, so worried about being found out. When blog goes viral and we have more money than we know what to do with he will be right back in there. In fact, he will be begging for a slot in the Book/Film/Play. No sign of him today as usual. Probably tucked away in some shady lay-by having a snooze!

C – yes, probably is. At second clean and I am dripping with sweat. I was expecting great things form you now that you have that sprancy new up-to-date mobile but I am only getting the same old stuff. Why are you not snapchatting and instagramming along with sending me photos – come on old girl!!

S – I may have up-to-date mobile but I do not have the contract to go with it. I have the same old SIM and the same £8 per month contract, so no snapchatting or instagramming for me – I do not have any free internet connection time and would not know what to do with it if I did.

C – oh, what a cheap skate you are. I had a text from George at 3.00am this morning – I could not leave it buzzing by the bed – had to look. His bank account was overdrawn and he did not know why. I have not heard a peep from him for three weeks and he only texted when he needed money. Went to the bank this morning but he had not signed to say I could talk about his account with the bank staff (as I had requested before he left). He thought there would be no need for me to get involved with his finances – how wrong could he be. One of the ladies behind the desk, who knows me, did take pity on me and gave a general indication of how much money I needed to put into the account to take it out of the red – thank God for someone with some common sense.

S – oh dear, more dramas from the Antipodes – I have all this to look forward to when mine are over there – or on a road trip in the USA, which seems to be what Sophie is planning for her gap year!


The Odds Are Not In His Favour

I want those boots!

I want those boots!


S – Camilla is in a state of high excitement and anxiety as George is off on his gap year travels. He departs tomorrow for Thailand and will then be visiting Vietnam, Cambodia, New Zealand and finishing in Australia spending time with Auzzie Patrick. He will be gone for at least six months.

Now this sounds like a great trip but George has a tremendous capacity for getting into trouble. He has a job to go to in New Zealand, so should be fine there. However, we had a small family party for him last Sunday and there was much banter about the chances of him being arrested at some point during his journey! It was generally felt that the odds were not in his favour.

30 January 2014

C – I have boot envy – I was walking through Goulds and tried on some fantastic brown leather boots. They fitted like a glove but were £200. 😦 We need to get published now!!! I must have those boots at any cost as I have a matching handbag at home. If things don’t look up I may be forced to take matters into my own hands.

S – not sure I like the sound of that, what did you have in mind?

C – am working on a plan which will involve you. I want those boots and it’s not like me to be obsessive about material things.

S – I am at work and my morning was quite peaceful until my concerns about how you are planning to obtain those boots. Even worse, my boss has left me some work and I thought I would have nothing to do today. I am all alone in the office and was going to get on with some blogging – don’t have time for this work malarkey.

C – how thoughtless of her to leave you work – anyone would think you were getting paid. Have had another drama – will text later as pressure is on.

S – can you fill me in on drama, as all work done and can get on with blogging at last.

C – I went to the wrong house to clean as I have been very distracted with George’s imminent departure from the UK. The people I should have been with rang so I had to leave where I was and go to them, luckily they live next door. I felt like a fool – not sure where my brain has gone or if I still have one!

S – very silly – has George left Dorset yet?

C – not yet – he goes this afternoon but I am not letting him leave until he cleans that hideous car out, as I refuse to do it. His friend Jason is driving him up to his old school friend in London, and he will catch the plane tomorrow evening.

C – just heard on the radio that, due to trouble now brewing in Thailand (not caused by George), flights could be cancelled. Something else to stress about, typical. I have suggested phoning the airport to check flight details. Meanwhile, I have Pheobe stressing and texting from school because she has not said goodbye to her brother. They can be in the same house together for two days and not exchange any pleasantries and suddenly her life depends on saying goodbye to him. Will he even be flying, I wonder?