Sophie Thinks Curling Would Be The Ideal Sport For Us

British Women's Curling Team - well done ladies!

British Women’s Curling Team – well done ladies!

20 February 2014

S – just been shopping with Sophie and the conversation turned to the Bronze Medal our Lady Curlers won today at the Sochi Winter Olympics. Sophie was not impressed with curling but did say that she thought it would be the ideal pastime for Camilla and me, stating that we were both so good at sweeping we would be naturals. How was your mini break?

C – had a wonderful evening – hotel fab and food great. Helena made it to us in time for dinner. Just got up and had a shower, hair done, breakfast at 0930 – how civilised. This is the life, no mucking out, no wet clothes, no work – bloody marvellous. Be back later to reality and a mess, no doubt.

S – sounds marvellous. Let me know what the restaurant you visit on the way home is like.

Later …

C – we did not really need lunch after the Full English Breakfast, but we squeezed it in anyway. It was excellent and good value for money and Crystal had a discount voucher so win, win as they say.


So Excited!

S - saw this and thought of you!

S – saw this and thought of you!

18 February 2014

C – so excited. Managed to fit two days cleaning into one so that I can go on girlie mini break tomorrow – can’t wait (sorry Sheshe, you were not invited but I will keep you informed of high jinks and antics with regular text messages).

S – wish I was coming with you. You sure do deserve a rest. When are you back?

C – on Thursday – I did say it was a mini break – funds will not stretch to a maxi break. Only downside is that I will have to be sporting my new swimwear in public. I am formulating a plan which will allow me to slither seamlessly from changing room to pool side, with a large bath sheet wrapped around me. Hoping that the buoyancy of the water will support all areas – it is quite a nice swimming costume actually; it just look hideous on me!!!

S – I am sure it is not that bad and bath sheet will prove most useful. At least you are having a break which is better than no break at all. Have fun!

C – please could you be on standby in case Toby forgets that he has a daughter, that she does not yet drive and that he has to take her to work on Thursday. His past record has proved him to be most unreliable in these situations.

S – message received – am standing by!!