Knee Not Good

Think something is amiss!

Think something is amiss!

28 October 2014

C – hi was up early and had bottom cheeks on seat by 0800. Not feeling great as I over imbibed last night, as per usual. I have to say the anti inflammatory tablets do seem to be working ‘cos my knee did not hurt in bed and when I got up I was able to walk a little easier and it was not as painful walking to work. I am going for an x-ray on Friday. Why do these things take so long; it is not as though I am at the GPs at the drop of a hat moaning? Oh well. Very bored and now have an issue with my tax code and have to ring the tax office which will be a challenge in its self. Still I can do that in work time not in my time.

S – sorry about knee – hope you get it sorted. The x-ray should hopefully shed some light on the situation.

C – am setting up a spreadsheet with details of private landlords and letting agents and I need to check their details on the web, but keep getting access denied – will have to ask someone for help, I suppose. The head honcho went home about an hour ago as he was feeling unwell; think he has man flu. Thank god he is not self employed. Will be trotting out that door myself when not feeling top notch. Hehe

29 October 2014

C – maybe we could share some e-mails with our readers as text messages have been put on hold, due to new job. I have had a marvellous find in the office; got my hands on a big box from the stationary cupboard which I have located under my desk. It is the perfect height for resting my leg in the horizontal position, thus taking the weight off it. Am thinking that the medication and rest are doing a good job. Every cloud has a silver lining.

S – have already been compiling e-mails for blog all the typing does make one look so busy. Much easier and more convenient than texting!

C – at last, I have found an IT bod who knows all that there is to know about the computer system and how everything works. Have decided to mother him a bit and get him on side; then when I have a drama he will sort it out. Was thinking of making him a cake for being so helpful.

S – yes, or you could give him one of your walnut whips – you are good at that mothering lark. You had “Will I Am” eating out of your hand!

C – yes, it always pays dividends to keep a walnut whip up your sleeve. Am fed up now; feels like I have been here forever and ever. Losing the will to go on. Do you fancy popping into Spoons – it is the boss’s birthday and he has asked us all out for a drink – could do without it? We could meet by accident then I could chat to you instead of them.

S – sorry, but can’t make Spoons. What a nuisance that you have to drag up the high street in the rain but it would be a poor show if you declined. I did three Christmas lunches two years ago, due to starting a new job and wanting to keep in with the lady who arranges bank staff at my old post – all of the lunches were dreadful and expensive but theses things have to be done. I am not doing any this year except for the estate agent one as that one is free!!!


We Seem To Have Eating Disorder As Well As Drinking One!

I wish I had one!

I wish I had one!

23 October 2014

C – good morning, how are you today? Got up late this morning as Eleanor said she would do horses, so I laid in my bed for far too long. I had to scrape Hannah off the sheets after her school trip to London yesterday and, as per usual Toby was still in bed when I left, so lord only knows what will transpire after my departure. Still, as I sit here tapping away I am thinking to myself that a few mornings missing the bus and having to join the school run traffic will be a steep learning curve for him. Oh well it’s out of my hands, although I will have to face any aftermath on my return home. So happy that I will at last be getting my ears syringed; I can’t wait. How sad is it that ear syringing is all I have to look forward to. Hope your day goes well – just off to get a brew.

S – got in at 0905. A school run or two down Queen’s Avenue will do Toby the world of good!!

C – I am now making tea, clearing the kitchen and then visiting the post room – not sure I can cope with the excitement. Can’t remember my passwords to get into Learning Portal and the lady who had them is not working today. So, pretending I know what I am doing, think I may have to resort to thoroughly cleaning the already clean kitchen area again in oder to look busy, ‘cos that’s what I do best!

S – Well, at least it is a nice kitchen area with all mod cons!

C – yes, and did I tell you they have a dishwasher, how sprancy is that? Still cannot get into system and can’t find IT Bod, as not sure of her name or what floor she is on. God help me it is only 11.30 and I am already starving.

S – am hungry too – thinking about tackling lunch now, as not sure I can wait until 1200. Have to go downstairs to organise some parking permits for a meeting, so that will hopefully keep me away from the trough for ten minutes. By the number of e-mails from you I imagine you are as busy as me!!

Later …

C – lunch has been consumed. Just have a “Mug Shot Snack Stop” left – flavour, cheesy pasta. Just realised I can now use these e-mails for blog and can cut and paste – so much easier. Only one problem – I have deleted all the ones from this morning – being overly cautious!! Can you forward them all to me? It will give you something to do and make you look busy.

C – silly moo – ok will resend them. I have now been put in touch with someone who can sort my ID and Password, which apparently I have in the multitude of notes I have scribbled in the last three days. So problem resolved and now I can spend some time at least looking like I know what I am doing. No one up hear seems to have problems with eating disorder, or probably drinking disorder come to that, like us. They are all very serious and no one is tucking into lunch yet. Just about to snack on a walnut whip – what a treat yum!

S – lucky you – wish I had one. All e-mails now cut and pasted – will try to do post later.

C – clever girl, if I was nearer I would give you my walnut whip as a reward but as you are not I will be forced to eat it myself, shame!!!!

Is George Going For A Record?

George - get some protection!

George – get some protection!

17 October 2014

C – am cleaning and listening to Radio 4. Some woman has made a fortune out of blogging about her dog which sleeps on the end of her bed – a poodle cross something. It is rather too gooey for me – look her up blog; it is called Plumdog or some such.

S – have looked at blog – she is an illustrator and it does look rather appealing – maybe that is what we need – an illustrator to fluff up our blog!!

20 October 2014

S – made a casserole for the five of us. I went to the neighbours for a drink with my sister (had one too many, of course). Came home and three people have eaten the casserole for five! How does that work? Christina and I now have to have cottage cheese and salad!!!

C – it works no better in my house. Home at five then straight back out with Phoebe to riding lesson. Got home and Toby asleep in the chair – I now have to cook something and do the washing up! Just think of the calories saved by eating cottage cheese instead of casserole. Am off to bed, as Toby watching the golf and it is like watching paint dry – hell’s teeth.

21 October 2014

S – am doing extra day at estate agents but only have one viewing booked. Was just about to go out when Laura said she would do the viewing as everyone gets lost in Stinsford! How the hell can anyone get lost going to (or in) Stinsford – sneeze and you would miss it. I did not argue with her as I could not be bothered, so here I am doing bloody call outs.

C – silly cow. Well, that is one for the blog – must make sure we put a link to Stinsford in it for those who do not live in Dorset. Have just seen one of our followers – she spotted me across the car park in Tesco’s and shouted “I hope that is not wine in that bag”, to which I replied, “Oh no, it is mineral water”. My nose is getting very long.

Later …

C – just had a text from Diane in Australia – Goerge got a ticket for driving without wearing a seat belt while he was over there, and it has just fluttered onto her doormat – he was using her utility when he was working for her. I have to pay $100 otherwise he will not be able to return to Oz.

S – is that boy going for some sort of record? That is the third continent on which he has managed to be fined for not wearing a seat belt!!

C – I think he is – it is like throwing money I do not have away. With Toby at it as well I am beside myslef.

Make Him A Cup Of Tea!

Camilla said he could build her a porch any day! (Photo by

Camilla said he could build her a porch any day! (Photo by

2 October 2014

C – bloody hell, did it again and had far too much to drink but had to celebrate the fact that I have finally got a job! Ok – not exactly what I want but at least some money will be coming in. At usual clean and she has the builder in creating a porch for the front door, which she never uses as she always goes out of the back door. Think it must be some sort of status symbol!

S – I think she is one of those women who has to keep spending; it doesn’t matter what she is spending it on. A month at one of those “lettuce leaf a day” health farms would be a better way of disposing of her cash, if you ask me!

C – yes, or she could dig the footings herself – that would shift a few pounds. PS: the builder is young and rather fit if you get my drift.

S – make him a cup of tea and enjoy the view.

C – now dusting redundant exercise bike that sits in the corner of the study unused. I happened to be glancing out of the window just in time to spot a bit of builders bum which I have to remark it quite a nice one.  Oh, I must share with you todays Woman’s Hour item about a new contraceptive pill that has been developed for men.  Jenny Murray posed the question “Would women be happy to trust men to take responsiblility for contracteption?”  I found myself shouting loudly at the radio.  “I can’t trust mine to put the rubbish out and we have had the same collection day of the last 20 years.”  My advice to Jenny is “If you want a job doing do it yourself.”

Later …

C – have just had a call from the Londoner, with a hobby farm in Dorset, who is looking for a Personal Assistant. She is now going to recruit someone in London to save on travel and accommodation costs but said she would ring me in the New Year as she is setting up a Glamping site on the farm and will need help – I don’t think so – it would be out of the frying pan and into the fire. Thank goodnes I now have a nice safe desk job like yours. I will be starting at the beginning of November I think; I can’t wait.

S – such a relif that you now have something. The lady you clean for is in the office today – she has those skinny white jeans on topped off with what can only be described as a small tent!

C – silly cow, she needs to get a full length mirror and on that exercise bike at least twice a day. I notice they have a shed load of new wine bottles in the rack. I have perused the lables; they are all top knotch.

S – wish I had a shed load of new, full, top knotch wine bottles in my house.

C – it would be no good because we would just drink them all far too quickly – and God knows things are bad enough! Imagine how hard it must be for our old friends The Wine Wankers; they must be at it all day long!

Home From Home For George

Pest Control needed - home from home for George!  (Photo by

Pest Control needed already – home from home for George! (Photo by

24 September 2014

S – am doing extra hours at other office. Skinny Nicole and Julie are planning an 81 mile cycle ride while we are planning a night out and anticipating the consumption of lots of wine!

C – bloody hell, 81 miles would kill me – are they mad? Have they given up running for cycling?

S – yes, as Julie has sciatica. Cycling is better than running – she has an exercise addiction in the same way that we have a wine addiction.

C – exercise addiction could be the better one to have, I fear. I have just had an e-mail from the letting agents for George’s flat – they are sending round the Pest Control Officer to deal with the rat problem and wasps nest. Bloody hell £2,000 per month for a four bedroomed house and it has rats!!! However, George did say it was home from home for him, as we seem to be continually battling mice at ours!