Has Anyone Else Been Unfriended?

I have been unfriended!

I have been unfriended!

23 February 2014

C – it’s official, I found out today that I have been UNFRIENDED on facebook by my daughter and I did not feel a thing. I was discussing a photo that she had put on facebook that I had been kind enough to take for her, when I suddenly realised that it had not come up on my facebook wall. Following further questioning of the aforesaid daughter, it transpired that I had been UNFRIENDED. Just wait till she wants some item of clothing washed, ironed and ready to wear ten minutes before she goes out. I have a plan, I am going to get a very large piece of paper and write on it “you have been unfriended” and brandish it at her. Ok, after some thought maybe this is a bit childish and I should remember that I am the adult and able to rise above such childishness, but I am not sure I can do that.

S – ok keep calm. Maybe you should remove her laptop until you have been reinstated, as it is pretty important, when they are only 15, to keep an eye on there online activity.

C – think she can get on to Facebook with her phone so not sure it will get me anywhere. Hope your day has been better and that nobody has unfriended you today.

S – it’s and a mine field this modern parenting and takes some dealing with. Jamie has returned from his school trip minus a substantial amount of kit so have been berating him about that for a large part of the day.

C – oh well, at least I have some good news from George Of The Jungle. Had a phone call yesterday; he is in New Zealand South Island, with mates, chillaxing (as the young say) – sounds like he is having a great time, weather excellent and they have wheels so all is good.


Improving Our Aerobic Fitness

I believe these are what you use for Kettlercise Classes.

I believe these are what you use for Kettlercise Classes.

11 February 2014

C – hope the Excel training is going well; I know how they drag these training courses on and on. Got some bad news; I have injured my right shoulder and arm, so am struggling to clean. I reckon it happened on Sunday when I was man handling that errant sheep into the trainer.

S – ok, I will cancel for tonight and book for Friday if you think you will be fit by then.

C – yes, I hope I will be back to full strength by Friday. Looking at the Activities Timetable and happened to notice that they are colour co-ordinated, as a guide to level of workout. Spinning is Gold on the list and is described as High Energy, do you think we should be doing Aqua Zumba which is two levels lower?

S – don’t be a wimp, we will be fine, we need to push ourselves with some high energy workout that will raise our heart rate, burn calories and improve our aerobic fitness.

C – I also noticed that our spinning instructor, JOHN, does the Hard Hit class when I was at the gym getting some info. I bumped into an old school friend who was about to go to her Kettlercise Class what the hell is that??!! I was chatting to her daughter after she went to her class and said I was looking at the Spinning and she said her mother did it yesterday, and refused point blank to go again.

S – it will be fine. Positive attitude needed. Stop whining.

C – had a message from George today; he is in New Zealand meeting up with some friends so can rest easy in my bed for now.

Later …

C – just had the plumber in, problems with the heating, went with him into the shed under the house and stepped over a dead rat. Ahahahahha just can’t handle vermin dead or alive. Never going in that shed again.

S – don’t blame you; I would not go either!

C – Spinning turning into a nightmare. Just spent hours fighting my way through school traffic to book it (because, as you said, they refuse to answer the phone at the Leisure Centre) to find no spaces left in the spinning classes this week. I have booked and paid for a session on Monday at 10.30. I tried to get you on phone but no luck. Can you believe this kind of torture is so popular?