Close Your Eyes And Think Of England!

Must try not to do too much typing and, yes, I do remember using one like this!  (Photo by Robert Messenger)

Must try not to do too much typing and, yes, I do remember using one like this! (Photo by Robert Messenger)

4 June 2014

C – at first clean and leg is still bad this morning. Thought it felt better when I got up, but now I am on my feet it is not so good. Mind you I have been down to the stables, got horses in and taken dogs for a walk all before 7.45 am. Oh for a lay in! I have heard nothing from the antipodes – thought the phone would be red hot after I put those old photos of us all on Facebook.

Later …

C – have just been asked to get undressed for mammogram and now have to expose enormous lopsided boobs to nurse – what fun! And to boot I came out of the wrong door and ended up “flashing my bazookas” to the poor lady who was waiting to go after me!

S – oh dear – had mine last week and did not flash them to the general public. No, not fun but it has to be done. I am on DES Accounting Course at work and it is putting me to sleep. Get me out of here!

C – poor you, that DES is hideous – I had to do a course when I was on the bank staff. Close your eyes and think of England.

5 June 2014

S – Paul and Judy came for a drink last night. I definitely have a problem. Drank a shed load more than anyone else and feel ghastly this morning. Think the only answer is to go tea total, as I just don’t know when to stop. How is your leg?

C – leg still bad. Nearly finished antibiotics but they do not seem to have helped. I know what you mean about the drink but we only live once. I started on the red last night (after the white) – big mistake – only consolation is that I was able to have a lie in – didn’t have to get up until 7.30am, yippee.

S – getting up that late, whatever next?

C – oh hell – just had call from solicitors dealing with George’s university accommodation and they did not receive my cheque for £500 for the deposit for his rent. I know I sent it as I have the cheque stub and it was with the signed tenancy agreement, which they have – most peculiar. Have had to cancel the cheque and do a bank transfer for £500 which I thought I had paid – I must keep a tighter control on my finances!

S – keeping control of finances not easy. We don’t seem to manage it very well at all.

C – just arrived at Charminster clean. She was still home as running late. She was munching on something that did not look at all healthy. Kids were playing up and shouting lots – hooray, there is a God.

S – just arrived at work. My wrist is still bad but did not want to take day off sick (unlike others I could mention). So life is not all a bed or roses, wine and chocolates at Charminster, after all. Another one of hose perfect lives that is perhaps not so perfect.

C – yes, perhaps it is the case – I don’t think anyone’s life is perfect. If you can, try not to do too much typing!


Has Anyone Else Been Unfriended?

I have been unfriended!

I have been unfriended!

23 February 2014

C – it’s official, I found out today that I have been UNFRIENDED on facebook by my daughter and I did not feel a thing. I was discussing a photo that she had put on facebook that I had been kind enough to take for her, when I suddenly realised that it had not come up on my facebook wall. Following further questioning of the aforesaid daughter, it transpired that I had been UNFRIENDED. Just wait till she wants some item of clothing washed, ironed and ready to wear ten minutes before she goes out. I have a plan, I am going to get a very large piece of paper and write on it “you have been unfriended” and brandish it at her. Ok, after some thought maybe this is a bit childish and I should remember that I am the adult and able to rise above such childishness, but I am not sure I can do that.

S – ok keep calm. Maybe you should remove her laptop until you have been reinstated, as it is pretty important, when they are only 15, to keep an eye on there online activity.

C – think she can get on to Facebook with her phone so not sure it will get me anywhere. Hope your day has been better and that nobody has unfriended you today.

S – it’s and a mine field this modern parenting and takes some dealing with. Jamie has returned from his school trip minus a substantial amount of kit so have been berating him about that for a large part of the day.

C – oh well, at least I have some good news from George Of The Jungle. Had a phone call yesterday; he is in New Zealand South Island, with mates, chillaxing (as the young say) – sounds like he is having a great time, weather excellent and they have wheels so all is good.