Hope You Like This As Well

We both liked this!

We both liked this!

23 March 2014

S – we were both rather busy today so not much time to put up a post. Someone sent this to Camilla and we both liked it so wanted to share it with you. Those lambs are still coming thick and fast and I had a holiday cottage clean. Hopefully, will have more time for the blog tomorrow.

Conrad – thank you so much for your comments, we need more of them!


Mary Quant Eat Your Heart Out

Don't they look cute!

Don’t they look cute!

20 March 2014

C – thought a photo of the lambs in their new Macs would make a good post. I have tried to upload a picture of one of our lambs sporting one into the Media Library but my computer is on its last legs, like everything I own, and it refuses point blank to do anything in the least difficult; oh, just remembered, I have a husband like that. Could you do a post and find a photo?

The reason for this stylish apparel is that, after a fabulous fortnight of weather, a change in on its way. Rain should start a 3.00 o’clock this afternoon, so we have been busy bees this morning and introduced our flock to the latest must have for any respectable new born; the LAMB MAC. It is described on the box as the “lifejacket for lambs” and will keep them dry in the rain that is on its way, thus saving lives out there in the big bad world. The only problem is they are hell to get on and the ewes tend to be a little terrified of the lambs when they are wearing them; at least for a while. There must be a website we can link the blog to for Lamb Macs!

Mary Quant eat your heart out, our lambs are fit for the cat walk. All they need now are matching wellies and hats!

S – have just looked them up on the web – they don’t look very eco friendly – what happens to all that plastic when the lambs have managed to remove them?

C – they are biodegradable, of course. Could not have all that plastic littering up the countryside.

S – oh, I did not think of that. Hope they work and that they are not too expensive.

C – they don’t cost a great deal and, if they save one or two lambs, they will pay for themselves. Toby says they are the latest in high tech farming and a must have for any shepherd (or shepherdess)!

Rich Baby Thinks We Need More Sexual Deviancy

Do you agree with Rich Baby?

Do you agree with Rich Baby?

10 March 2014

C – we are still facing huge technological challenges with the slowest broadband in the history of the world; it is nearly impossible to get things done. By the way we all pay the same monthly rate.

S – yes we do and it is something that I am always ranting to Michael about. It seems so unfair that we pay the same amount for half the service!

11 March 2014

C – the bloody bus went past Phoebe this morning again so I had to drive her in behind it, gnashing my teeth the whole way. Now at first clean and the owners have just returned from Oman – ten days in five star hotel, they already have a newsletter with photos on the kitchen table, so I have had to run through the whole holiday, yawn, yawn – it is alright for some. Apparently, they spent most of the holiday speaking French – thank goodness I did not get the ‘bonjour’ when the lady of the house opened the door. 🙂

S – now, now they are nice people and just happy to have someone to chat to about their holiday. Be patient with them.

Later …

C – just talking to our absent IT Guru, Richard. He thinks we need more raw emotion and deviant sex scenes in our blog to increase our followers. Any chance you can to the latter. I am just going to help with the sheep, so I am sure I will be able to do the raw emotion by the end of the day.

S – I am afraid no sexual deviancy in our household at the moment. The most exciting thing Michael (and I) have to look forward to is the hope that he will have a bowel movement in three days, after having had yet another operation.

C – could you not make something sexually deviant up, whilst waiting for this bowel movement?

Any More Trouble And I Will Be Getting Out The Mint Sauce!

Butter wouldn't melt in their mouths!

Butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths!

9 February 2014

C – have finally had a short text from George; he is trekking in the jungle in Chiang Mai – I have Googled it and it looks amazing.

S – have looked myself and certainly think it will be fun – good job you paid for all those jabs and packed him off with those water purifying tablets.

C – yes, can’t imagine you can buy bottled water in the jungle.

Later Telephone Call …

C – have just had two hours from hell. Yesterday, one of Toby’s sheep was not looking at all well. He moved the flock to a fresh field (yet more rent to pay) but gave the poorly one an injection, and left it alone in the original pasture to recover. On his return, it had made a remarkable recovery and was springing around the field like a Thomson’s Gazelle. Toby asked me to help him load it in the trailer and there began our problems.

I was despatched as “sheep dog” to search for the errant animal, as the ground was too boggy for the truck. I spotted it on the horizon, resting easy (I swear if it had, had fingers it would have been doing the V’s up). Upon my approach it took off yet again through and over fences with grace and ease (unlike me) and ended up on the track in front of Toby who had no chance of catching it. We followed it in the truck for about half a mile until we came to the farm yard. At this point we congratulated ourselves that we now had it cornered. How wrong could we be? After a couple of circuits dodging in and out of doorways and abandoned machinery it gave us the slip and headed for the main road. At this point Toby was remonstrating that he wished it had not recovered from it’s earlier near fatal ailment. Bold as brass it trotted down the Main A352, Dorchester to Broadmayne road with gay abandon, avoiding several unsuspecting motorists on the way back from Church!! As the escapee was now well out of our control, and vision, Toby tipped me out of the truck to continue pursuit on foot (thank God for that long awaited surgery). He retraced our steps to close all the gates we had left open.

I was now running towards The Black Dog at Broadmayne expecting the worst but there was no sign of “Lamb Chop”! I scanned gardens left and right for any movement and there it was, large as life, standing next to a brand new, navy blue Jaguar parked in someone’s drive. I shut the gates to the drive and phoned Toby and, for once, he actually answered it! After a few choice expletives I gave him my exact location and told him to move his arse! A plan of action was formulated which included making contact with the house owner before giving chase in the back garden, which happened to be awash with children’s out door toys, including a large trampoline. We, fortunately, failed to raise anyone and Toby spotted the opportunity to corral the sheep down a narrow passage at the side of the house. Yet again, I was sheep dog and finally this plan worked a treat. We both managed to get one side of this animal each and man handled it through the jockey door of the trailer. I have taken a photograph of it on my phone and if it causes any more trouble it will be lamb chops before it can blink!!!

We let it out into the field and it was delighted to see all its friends and took off yet again. I mentioned to Toby that whatever he had given it in that syringe I WANT SOME!! I wonder if it has any weight loss benefits? So, if anyone asks you to move a lone sheep say that you would “rather be poked in the eye with a sharp stick”.