It Must Be The Lycra!

It must be the lycra!

It must be the lycra!

27 March 2014

C – Following the comment below, I have come to the conclusion it must be the lycra along with being a man of few words!


Badly Wiggling!

How much wine have you had Camilla?

How much wine have you had Camilla?

26 March 2014

S – just got to work. Lots to do unfortunately; damn.

C – you don’t want to be busy in that office. You go there for a rest.

Much Later …

C – forgot to tell you, Badly Wiggling made a guest appearance in The Archers for Sport Relief and I missed it – will have to catch Omnibus edition on Sunday.

S – who the hell is Badly Wiggling?

C – what – you need to get out from under that rock – Sir Bradley Wiggling who won gold at the Olympics for cycling – comes from up North and has bushy sideburns – he is amazing.

S – I am guessing you mean Sir Bradley Wiggins – how much wine have you had?