Camilla Needs To Give The Days Off A Miss

I have spent too much time at the hospital lately!

I have spent too much time at the hospital lately!

5 August 2014

C – am knackered – was out on the lash ‘till so late last night then up early to do horses, as my sister is not feeling well.

S – hope Eleanor better soon. Where were you on the lash and with whom?

C – with Jeanette and Peter. We went to the pub, then to the Thai restaurant and then back to the pub – will I never learn!

S – you know if you are out with Jeanette you will suffer the next day. She is out of everyone’s league when it comes to being on the lash!

Later …

C – have just had a call from James, and Eleanor has been admitted to hospital. She has had a minor heart attack. It happened a few days ago and that is why she has been feeling so unwell. She is undergoing tests and waiting for an angiogram.

S – I am so sorry; call if you need anything at all. I have told work that I may have to leave.

C – thanks very much. No more days off for me – I have decided they bring me nothing but grief. I have one day off and my mother-in-law has a fall and my sister ends up in hospital!

S – no; it is a bit like sitting on that sofa – it is not for the likes of you. I am sure Eleanor will be ok now that they have diagnosed the problem – the hospital did everything possible when Michael had his heart attack (and it was a big one, not a minor one).


Sounds As If A Fun Time Was Had By All

Definitely need some new ones!

Definitely need some new ones!

16 June 2014

C – next time I have some money I serously need to buy some bath towels. Just got washing in from line and mine are like cardboard and practically impossible to fold. Phoebe commented that no one needs to exfoliate in our house, as the towels are so rough they are like sandpaper!

S – could do with some new ones myself but am afraid they are at the bottom of my list with all the school trips to pay for. I am doing bank work today and was greeted at office with the words “oh, thank goodness you are here we are so short staffed – can you work the whole day?” Needless to say it is only 10.00am and there is bugger all for me to do, so what is that all about? Still, I am not complaining as I am getting paid. What is holiday house like today?

C – extremely messy as the group who were there for the weekend were, yet again, on a stag party – we seem to attract an awful lot of stag partiers. Found a wig and women’s underwear in the bin – am trying not to imagine!

S – sounds as if a fun time was had by all, except you and the ladies who help you clean. Hope your next lot are not as bad.

17 June 2014

S – forgot to tell you, I was at Accident and Emergency with Sophie at the weekend – she had an allergic reaction to some crop. She was out and about with friends in the fields above the farmyard.

C – hope she is ok now. I am just at the hospital with Toby’s mother. Her cataracts are troublesome and the hospital car did not turn up, so I have brought her in. Phoebe is off school today. She is flopping around; we have a doctor’s appointment for this afternoon – heaven only knows what is wrong with her – can’t put my finger on it.

Later …

C – just at doctors now with Phoebe. Hope we can get to the bottom of this one but not holding my breath. Was in hospital all afternoon with mother-in-law. I asked the doctor if she could be fast tracked wither cataracts, as she is 92 and time is not on her side. He thought that was highly amusing and said he would do that for her.

S – well done in getting mother-in-law fast tracked – not easy to do in the NHS nowadays. Hope doctor is able to find out what is wrong with Phoebe.

C – the doctor could not find anything in particular but took some blood and urine. I am thinking there is really nothing wrong and that she needs to have a much “stiffer upper lip!” I have tramped all over that hospital today, first with Toby’s mother and then delivering Phoebe’s samples!! Oh, and by the way, I am apparently the worst mother in the world.