He Is Rodding The Drain

2 April 2014

S – am fed up already. Got soaked walking to work. The heavens opened. Shoes and socks are now on the radiator at work and I am sitting here in wet trousers. Could not take them off – would not want to inflict that on anyone!

C – oh damn, was Michael not around to take you in? Just off to viewing in Osmington with a lovely couple who have a large flat in London to sell, so pots of money there.

S – no, he is rodding the drain! I now have the dreadful cold the rest of the family have. Throat very sore, can hardly swallow anyway so being on baby food not a problem! I have only just got over the last virus.

C – Toby has it so I made him sleep in George’s room – I have not got time for a cold?

S – Toby will be fine in George’s little room.

C – have you heard they are having a gathering to celebrate opening the new office next week and are offering to buy us all dinner afterwards. Are you up for that, as I have to let them know and I do not want to go on my own?

S – yes, don’t often get the offer of a free dinner. What time?

C – 1830 at the office. Are you dry yet?

S – yes, all dried out and socks and shoes back on. 1830 will be fine; I will pick you up just before six. How is George getting along in New Zealand?

C – he is having a great time and is flying to Sydney in a couple of days. However, I have had a tenancy agreement through for his uni accommodation along with a bill for £500 (he organised it before he left). Bit of a struggle to find that, especially as we won’t see any money from the lambs for some time. Every Friday morning I get an alarm message from my bank giving me details of my balance – I am afraid all it ever does is fill me with alarm!

S – better to know the bad news each week than to wait for that bank statement to arrive!


Covered In Sheep Shit Most Of The Time!

They never go where you want them to!

They never go where you want them to!

16 March 2014

C – just starting to feel a bit more human now. Think I lost the plot earlier; always so much to do but now have dinner ready, managed a few hours lambing, all washing done, horse done twice, e-mails checked, ironing in basket ready to do after dinner and I managed to get my head down for an hour; have decided I can’t do sitting on sofa as you know that always ends in disaster. I need to be either awake and on the go or horizontal and asleep. I can’t do in-between it would seem. Sunday again – bugger it.

S – I have been busy all day being a taxi driver for the children. This afternoon I had to go to Bournemouth to visit an elderly friend of my mothers who as been ill and has no family. Like you, I just can’t say no. I must have carer stamped on my forehead. Michael is still unable to drive due to operation and strong medication. Thankfully, bowels seem to be returning to normal – or is that too much information?

C – definitely too much info! We have not blogged for several days. We must try to return to some sort of routine when the lambing has finished. How was you first full day’s viewings for estate agents yesterday?

S – as you had warned me pretty tiring – it is all that time on your feet, smiling and trying to be so very helpful!!

C – well, it is nowhere near as stressful as sheep and lamb moving. They are the stupidest animals in the world; especially when they have just given birth and any brain cells they may have had are gone! Have had to rugby tackle several lambs in order to get them where I want them to be. They are so bloody fast – who needs Spinning (which I do not have time for at the moment). I am knackered and covered in sheep shit most of the time!

Can’t Find My Rose Tinted Glasses Anywhere

7 March 2014

S – just seen a woman on the BBC Breakfast. The first publisher who read her book published it and got her a film deal. It is a cross between Harry Potter and Twilight. She is on her way to being the next JK Rowling – bugger. I am still feeling awful and eyes no better.

C – we need you back on top form if we are going to get that million pound book, film, play deal we so desire, want, need and deserve. Not forgetting that fact that we still have not been invited to get FRESHLY PRESSED, more likely to get FRESHLY PISSED or run over by a bus at this rate.

C – I just caught the end of an interview with the aforementioned author on the radio, she said she was so excited to get her book deal and that the film deal was the icing on the cake. She wants George Clooney to play the lead roll. Who do you think could play Sheshe and Camilla?

S – after careful consideration I think Angelina Jolie should play me and Catherine Zeta Jones you. However, in reality we may have to set our sights on Dame Judy Dench and Helen Mirrian, I have no doubt they will be clamouring for the roll of Sheshe and Camilla NOT!

C – just about to do second viewing at our wonderful million pound apartment. Hope they buy it.

A Little Later …

C – Just stuffed face with KFC and now have indigestion. Must make mental note not to tell the kids that I have been pigging out on junk food. I am always banging on about why we can’t have McDonalds for tea, it will have to be our little secret!!

Much Later …

C – thanks for doing post. We have started lambing today so won’t be able to do any extra hours at the estate agents for the moment. I need to be on hand in the afternoons so the Toby can get some sleep as all hell will break loose soon. I think I have been in denial, not wanting to think of the imminent onslaught. Will not have any time to blog as will be shepherdess, chief cook and bottle washer and will need to keep my cleaning going as well, so the rug has been firmly pulled yet again. George phoned and he is having a good time. He has been playing rugby and has found work so all go there for the time being – sleep well, Camilla.

S – at least the weather is not freezing and lambing will provide us with blogging material.

C – yes, so much better than last year but we have already had dead lambs and grief. Toby just having dinner and then he has to go out to see to the sick lambs, so not looking forward to the next three weeks without George to help.

S – George did so much to help last year. I am in bed and have just dropped my phone on my face – it hurt.

C – my texts will be like an episode of the Archers. Maybe we should blog about the dangers of texting in bed and dropping phone on face.