Bottom Cheeks Will Be Firm And Pert

Not sure bottoms will be quite this firm but we can dream!

Not sure bottoms will be quite this firm but we can dream! (Photo by Wim Demortier)

6 December 2014

C – what ever happened to Sunday, day of rest. Up at seven to do horses, then half a cuppa and a piece of toast down my neck before setting out on a marathon trek moving stock due to the floods, nearly got the truck bogged. Thanks for your help and thank goodness for our skilful off road driving – or should I say my skilful driving, as Toby told me you were briefly face down in the mud – good job we were wearing our safety hats. Unlike you, I was back out into the elements later to fix calf shelter which has been battered by high winds and rain and to deliver hayledge for the horses. All this before lunch.

S – it was hellish but fun on the quad bikes and we did a good job us “Quad Bike Queens”. Maybe we should consider showing off our Quad Bike Skills at Dorset County Show this year! I feel the main arena is in need of a bit of livening up. Think we should be in fancy dress – what outfit would you choose? Having my own grief as family over for Sunday lunch and cooker playing up, it’s always the way when people come for lunch. Thank goodness I am not having to cook it.

C – oh well hopefully they are not in a hurry, keep pouring the wine that always helps – I find they loose track of time when quietly sloshed. I have to do the weekly shop next so not looking forward to that one. Come over later and we can do some blogging. P.S. bring wine!!! not ready to give it up just yet. With reference to the outfit, I would like mine to be Wonder Woman but those shorts are cut a little high – I don’t want to be revealing any bottom cheeks!!! So what’s your outfit to be?

S – I would be Lara Croft, of course!! Don’t forget we will have been “Spinning” for several months by then so bottom cheeks will be firm and pert (or at least in our dreams)! Was just reading a blog that has recently gone viral called “Seth’s Story“. It is very thought provoking, maybe we need to be a little more “Starry Eyed” and a little less “Grumpy Old Women”.