The Great British Weather

The Great British Weather

The Great British Weather (Photo by Jeff Jones)

30 December 2013

C – what has happened to the weather? I cannot believe the day I have had already; I have been battered by wind and rain and now have to run the gauntlet of the drive to Sherborne with the dirty linen from the house. This is all because of the Christmas and New Year holiday timetable. Bloody Christmas. If I get swept away in some torrent do you think I will be missed?

S – Toby will miss you when he runs out of clean underwear and has to go commando again. Ha, ha.

C – that’s about the size of it. Well here goes, batten down the hatches. I will text you when close to your house and will pop in and get some blogging under our belts.

S – ok, good luck and mind how you go; look out for falling trees.

Later ..

C – made it; am ten minutes away from yours – put the kettle on. See you soon.

S – ok


Like most people our thoughts are turning to the ups and downs of the year that has passed which has been full of life’s little hurdles; happiness and sadness. I suppose this is all part of what makes up most people’s lives. We decided to write a list of our hopes for the coming year, in no particular order. So here goes:

1. To Get Freshly Pressed
2. Guest Appearance On The BBC Breakfast Show
3. Invitation To Radio 4 Woman’s Hour
4. Win The Lottery
5. Get A Handle On The Whole Twitter Thing
6. Achieve The Dizzy Heights Of 200 Followers
7. A Trip To Australia To Visit Old Friends – And, Of Course, Our New Friends The Wine Wankers – Cheers Guys, You Make Us Smile.

I think the “bar” may be set a tad high but, as Del Boy Trotter would say, “ He Who Dares Wins” .

Yet again we have erroneously liked ourselves!!!


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