The Quad Bike Queens

The Quad Bike Queens

The Quad Bike Queens


My thoughts today, understandably, have been absorbed with watching and discussing the appalling weather; a very “British” pastime. I am finding myself constantly glued to the BBC Weather Forecast, and keeping my ear to the ground for extreme flood warnings. I fear Dorset has had its fair share of wind and rain and our thoughts are with all the poor souls who are flooded out.

5 December 2014

C – all livestock are alive, although Toby will be issuing inflatable armbands to the cattle who are up to their knees in water, down in the meadows. We will have to move them tomorrow or I fear they will drown.

S – poor you it must be a total nightmare working out of doors in this weather, you need a nice little dry office job like mine.

C – yes indeed, but as you know I have spent many hours trying to secure a cushy little number like yours! Anyway, you know me I like to be out and about and up to my armpits in it.

S – any news on the spinning class?

C – sorry, have not had any time to make enquiries but you can rest assured that I will not forget, your don’t sound too keen. You need to snap on that Lycra and think positive.

S – it’s great that our followers are increasing their comments. It has begun to give our blogging a whole new dimension, we are truly starting to communicate with them.

C – yes. We will have to move the cattle tomorrow and could do with an extra pair of hands. We can have a quad bike each, wellies and overalls compulsory, are you up for it?

S – yes, that’s fine; we can be the return of the magnificent seven (ok two).

C – the forcecast is good for the morning so we need to get an early start?

S – ok see you tomorrow at first light 🙂


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