Hogging The Remote Control. It’s A Man Thing!

Don't get my hands on one of these very often!

Don’t get my hands on one of these very often! (Photo by Ry Young)

C – I have just finished the dreaded holiday house – it was a tip, as usual, but I have managed to combine a haircut, girlie fun and work all at once. This is what I call an excellent morning of multi-tasking (something that the male of the species seem to struggle with). Over coffee, the conversation turned to lifestyles, family and friends – a bit like an episode of Loose Women without all the sitting around! Finally we got around to discussing men and their constant need to be in charge of the television remote; thus forcing us women folk to suffer their appalling choice of programme – my husband is particularly fond of Michael Portillo’s Great Continental Railway Journeys http://www.michaelportillo.co.uk/ . I was horrified, the other evening, when I noticed that Michael is only half way through that little red guide book he clutches; showing off his fluent French at the drop of a hat in his freshly pressed fuchsia and lemon jackets. At the end of the programme he did actually get his kit off on the beach, but thank heavens he was sporting a Victorian all-in-one swim suit – sighs of relief all round!

S – The only vain hope left is that our husbands will nod off enabling us to carefully remove the remote from their sticky little fingers, so that we can catch the end of the Strictly re-run. I do envy those whose husbands are forced to frequently work away from family and home – poor souls, lucky wives!


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