Cold Turkey

I look and feel like this!

I look and feel like this!

1 December 2013

C – The party was fabulous last night and, as my father would say, I rather “ over refreshed myself”. Have been suffering all day and still not feeling great so will have to postpone blogging until tomorrow, when hopefully my brain will have resumed normal service. Thanks so much for entertaining the kids last night. I owe you one.

S – No problem, nothing much happening my end, we had a quiet night in front of the box watching Stricktly. Girls were, snap chatting , whats apping and x-boxing late into the night, then wondered why oh why they couldn’t get out of bed in the morning! See you tomorrow for more adventures of Text Messages From The Edge.

C – A good friend just texted me and I was relaying the wonderful party and my overindulgence to her. She sent me this great picture. Regrettably, I look and feel just like this picture today. I have decided to put it on my fridge to remind me of the unpleasant effects of too much white wine, in the hope that I will not repeat my mistake. Will let you know if it has a positive outcome, as you may wish to do likewise. Ha Ha Ha 


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