Who Needs The Menopause?

This is what eves should look like! (photo by Helmut Gevert)

This is what eyes should look like! (photo by Helmut Gevert)

C – I forgot to mention, whilst blogging this afternoon, that I have had to make another appointment at the doctors regarding a problem with my eyelids which seem to be about to be shed, a bit like a snake shedding it’s skin! I am afraid that I will wake one morning to find them lying on the pillow. Apparently, due to the menopause, I have developed galloping eczema of the eyelids and also have two very dry patches of skin each side of my mouth, with makes me look like a very sad clown. I am determined to leave that surgery clutching a referral to a specialist, even though I know this will be as difficult as climbing Everest in flip flops. I have the bit between my teeth and am prepared to cry loudly to get it.

Later …

Failed miserably, the lovely young, newly qualified Doctor was clearly not in the mood to play ball today, so any chance of the much sort after referral letter was a mere figment of my imagination. He muttered the usual cliché which begins with “women of my age often suffer with this kind of problem”. This threw me onto my back foot, yet again, and I found myself nidding and nodding and clutching yet another prescription for a tube of useless cream that I could have bought over the counter. Must jump up and down more next time!


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