What Was I Thinking?

Definitely not an option!

Definitely not an option!

12 May 2014

C – just upstairs at second clean. Huge Boden box on the bed with three pairs of glorious sandals in it – all the same but different colours. Not that she needs any more shoes she must have 50 pairs – Imelda Marcos the second I think.

S – I could do with a few new Boden sandals for tripping into the office in during the summer.

C – have just arrived at estate agents for the afternoon and have seven viewings

S – You need me in that office – tell the Manger I would like to transfer, a bit like a footballer.

C – on another note, a friend of mine has lost a stone by giving up the grog. Do you think we could try it for a month in order to get the body beautiful for the summer – time for Spinning does just not seem to be there and I can’t afford new summer clothes – must fit into my old ones?

S – wash your mouth out with soap – go without wine for a month – you would come in and find me swinging from the beams – it is not an option – will have to loose love handles some other way! While we are on the subject of the body beautiful, Ozzi Patrick has taken George to have his nipple pierced – like Queen Victoria, I was not amused!

C – on dear, at least it is not a tattoo – he can just take it out if he gets fed up with it. Yes, I suppose a month without wine is a bit of a big ask!