No Fancy Sprancy Taps For Me

The cause of Camilla's cold cuppa soup!(Photo by

The cause of Camilla’s cold cuppa soup! (Photo by

13 November 2014

C – was in trouble this morning when I got to the office; I had left my ID card in the bedroom, so was unable to access the building. Note to self; maybe I should put on my flexi sheet the time I arrived at the door and was unable to gain access, as I was on the premises. So I will be unable to leave my desk all day, no hope of accessing the post room. Hell’s teeth how I look forward to that little diversion in my day. Maybe I could have a word with admin boss to see if she has a spare ID card in her desk. This must happen to other people can’t just be me!!!

S – you have to put that card in a pocket in your bag and never put it anywhere else, otherwise this will happen. I did forget mine once when I changed over to my “summer handbag” but that won’t be an issue for you with your one and only handbag!!!!!!

C – “summer handbag” indeed – as you say, I only have the one. However, ID card issue is now sorted as I have been given a Visitors one. I successfully accessed the post room (albeit on my second attempt) only to find there was no post in the “Housing” pigeon hole. Head now in hands as I have nothing to open, stamp and distribute which usually takes me up to 40 minutes, if I read all correspondence thoroughly. So, back at desk shuffling papers. I have been wondering if I could retrain as an Environmental Health Officer; they seem to have it pretty chushty and get out and about all the time. Suppose I would need to get a degree and am crap at maths. Don’t know if I could convert my Professional Housing Diploma; will do some research.

S – Environmental Health Officer would have been a great job for me. I would love to visit restaurants, etc and point out their deficiencies in the cleaning department – I was made for that job!

C – yes you were, there is only so much one can stand staring at this bloody computer screen. Have got reserve glasses today and they are not cutting the mustard like my others; they must be a lower resolution and are just not sharp enough, if you get my drift. Have you eaten lunch yet!! Am starving and seriously considering cuppa soup and my cheese and salad wrap – yum. Just been given the good news that I have been paid my wages, the bad news is that it is not enough, still can’t complain.

S – not yet, I have an Uncle Ben’s Medium Curry Rice Time (half price in Iceland) – only drawback is that I have to go down to the café in the basement to heat it up – they don’t trust us to have microwaves on the office floors.

C – yum sounds delicious, another reason to move jobs, we have microwave, dishwasher “Zip Tap”, automatic windows and all sorts of added extras here. However, my posh new chair suddenly decided to slide downwards and I found myself looking like Mr Bean with my chin on the desk. Everyone has left the office for lunch, so I will swap it with someone else’s and try not to LOL when it happens to them. So wanted to laugh but had no one to share the moment with! I also had an unfortunate incident with the Zip Tap and my cuppa soup. I was filling it with hot water and some how I managed to touch the cold water, which comes from the same tap, and it filled my soup with cold water; what a bugger.

S – I have nice hot past mug shot – that is what happens when you have the fancy sprancy taps!


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