How Did Kitty Manage That?

Poor Kitty (Photo by

Poor Kitty (Photo by

6 November 2014

C – morning, hope you were in bright and early. I was up at 0615; I have worked pony, mucked out and my bottom was on my office chair by 0830. I am meeting Julia in Costa at 1235; don’t suppose you can make it.

S – not a chance. I have just finished Excel 2010 Training Course and, unlike you, didn’t get in until 0915 so no break for me. Say hi to Julia!!

C – what a shame; was it good training? I could do with a bit of that kind of updating; never mind all the of the crap I have had to sit through. Just packing up now and winding down before lunch. Oh, how am I supposed to wind down when I have not wound up yet? Still, last day in office for this week so chins up girl.

Later …

C – just had a text message from Kitty, she has just been to Lidl shopping and has locked the keys in her car. Such a pain when that happens; have offered to rescue her but she has the RAC coming to sort the issue.

S – I expect she was loading up on cheap wine. How can you lock the keys in the car with electronic locking?

C – God knows but Kitty has managed it. I will be in touch after my “Costa packet” coffee. Oh, I just remembered I got lottery ticket yesterday so must look up numbers – that’s something to look forward to.

S – don’t forget me if you win big time!

C – it’s your fault I bought the damn thing – I have enough bad habits and don’t need to add gambling to the list. Had a great catch up with Julia, she is a laugh, she was giving me the run down on the new office bod, she sounds very weird and poor Jane says she has no sense of humour. God knows the work is dull enough with out work colleagues being dull. How are things panning out your end, Is Mr S in residence today?

S – no sign of him. Poor Julia – that office is getting as dull as ditch water. You definitely don’t need to add gambling to the list but the odd ticket won’t hurt! Have you heard anything from George lately?

C – sadly have not heard from him myself.  Apparently, he spoke to Toby yesterday and got some dosh out of him; luck him everytime I try I seem to fail.  Oh crap, just realized have hardly a drain of fuel in the bloody car it’s a shame they don’t run on fresh air.  Will have to zip down to London Road garage to fill up before I come to pick you up.  So bored; have been punching in names and address onto spreadsheet all day. It is like watching paint dry. My brain has become totally void of any kind of funnyness or joy  Help!!!!!


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