We Seem To Have Eating Disorder As Well As Drinking One!

I wish I had one!

I wish I had one!

23 October 2014

C – good morning, how are you today? Got up late this morning as Eleanor said she would do horses, so I laid in my bed for far too long. I had to scrape Hannah off the sheets after her school trip to London yesterday and, as per usual Toby was still in bed when I left, so lord only knows what will transpire after my departure. Still, as I sit here tapping away I am thinking to myself that a few mornings missing the bus and having to join the school run traffic will be a steep learning curve for him. Oh well it’s out of my hands, although I will have to face any aftermath on my return home. So happy that I will at last be getting my ears syringed; I can’t wait. How sad is it that ear syringing is all I have to look forward to. Hope your day goes well – just off to get a brew.

S – got in at 0905. A school run or two down Queen’s Avenue will do Toby the world of good!!

C – I am now making tea, clearing the kitchen and then visiting the post room – not sure I can cope with the excitement. Can’t remember my passwords to get into Learning Portal and the lady who had them is not working today. So, pretending I know what I am doing, think I may have to resort to thoroughly cleaning the already clean kitchen area again in oder to look busy, ‘cos that’s what I do best!

S – Well, at least it is a nice kitchen area with all mod cons!

C – yes, and did I tell you they have a dishwasher, how sprancy is that? Still cannot get into system and can’t find IT Bod, as not sure of her name or what floor she is on. God help me it is only 11.30 and I am already starving.

S – am hungry too – thinking about tackling lunch now, as not sure I can wait until 1200. Have to go downstairs to organise some parking permits for a meeting, so that will hopefully keep me away from the trough for ten minutes. By the number of e-mails from you I imagine you are as busy as me!!

Later …

C – lunch has been consumed. Just have a “Mug Shot Snack Stop” left – flavour, cheesy pasta. Just realised I can now use these e-mails for blog and can cut and paste – so much easier. Only one problem – I have deleted all the ones from this morning – being overly cautious!! Can you forward them all to me? It will give you something to do and make you look busy.

C – silly moo – ok will resend them. I have now been put in touch with someone who can sort my ID and Password, which apparently I have in the multitude of notes I have scribbled in the last three days. So problem resolved and now I can spend some time at least looking like I know what I am doing. No one up hear seems to have problems with eating disorder, or probably drinking disorder come to that, like us. They are all very serious and no one is tucking into lunch yet. Just about to snack on a walnut whip – what a treat yum!

S – lucky you – wish I had one. All e-mails now cut and pasted – will try to do post later.

C – clever girl, if I was nearer I would give you my walnut whip as a reward but as you are not I will be forced to eat it myself, shame!!!!


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