I Wish I Had Some

Need more of this! (Photo by blogjob.com)

Need more of this! (Photo by blogjob.com)

15 October 2014

C – had a shock this morning. Arrived at my first clean and rang the bell, as usual, but no answer and the newspaper was still in the letter box. Got the key out of the key safe and let myself in. No sign of lady downstairs, so had to go up calling out as I went. I opened the bedroom door and saw feet sticking out of the bottom of the bed – scared me to death as I thought she had popped her clogs. However, she was alive – had been out yesterday celebrating her 90th birthday and was exhausted – did not hear me ring the bell!

S – dead bodies are not needed – you have enough drama in your life. Thank goodness she was ok.

Later …

C – need some advice re interview I have next week. Do you have any idea what I should wear – maybe I need to be a little less business like and should try flashing a bit of cleavage as I do seem to have my share, and yours. Business like doesn’t seem to be getting me anywhere.

S – maybe cleavage is the answer. Everyone here seems to have their’s out in a most inappropriate fashion. It seems the larger they are the more they like flashing them!!

C – the old adage if you’ve got it flaunt it springs to mind, especially as no one seems to care if you can actually to the job – maybe I am barking up the wrong tree!

S – just spoken to nursing home as Daphne has been on the phone three times to Michael with tales of falling out of bed and being left alone. She is fine and has not fallen anywhere. She has buzzed them 18 times in three hours and they are muttering about the possibility that they may not be able to “meet her needs”. She may have cooked her goose there I feel. She has also upset other residents – bugger!!

C – I fear it was always on the cards as she is a very demanding woman. Maybe you need to cut up rough and tell her a few home truths – otherwise she will be out on her ear. Talking about cutting up rough, I was chatting to Eleanor about Daphne and how stressfull it is all getting for you with her continual phone calls. She replied that you should keep calm and that she is ensuring that she is now always a picture of “Heart Attack Serenity”. Eleanor and serene are not two words that ususlly trip off the tounge in one sentence!!! Watch this space to see if all this serenity is a permanent thing. I wish I had some!


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