I Am Never Behind The Wheel!

Why is my car always in one of these?  (Photo by www.clker.com

Why is my car always in one of these? (Photo by http://www.clker.com)

6 October 2014

C – am off my face today – just two of us to clean whole of holiday house and I have to take Toby’s mother to the hospital at midday. Broom firmly up arse as usual.

S – can’t Toby take her?

C – apparently not, as he is shearing sheep’s bums!!! I beleive the technical term is dagging.

C – will have to cancel our evening out as chaos at home. Toby called me at 4 o’clock to say that we need to be at the Grassland Society Dinner tonight and will have to leave home at 6 o’clock – he forgot to tell me. The truck has failed its MOT and needs loads of money spending on it. Eleanor is kindly taking Phoebe to Pony Club for me – let’s just hope they don’t fall out! So, our pleasant evening at Brewery Square will have to be postponed.

S – don’t worry – we can do it another time. All peace and quiet at mine thank goodness. Have a good evening. Are the Grassland Society a fun bunch?

C – no! And, forgot to say, received another photograph of my car being driven in a bus lane in Oxford today, along with a super duper fine to go with it. So, Toby is no better than George as it was him driving my car in the bus lane, and the last time I had one of these photos George was driving my car!!!


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