Make Him A Cup Of Tea!

Camilla said he could build her a porch any day! (Photo by

Camilla said he could build her a porch any day! (Photo by

2 October 2014

C – bloody hell, did it again and had far too much to drink but had to celebrate the fact that I have finally got a job! Ok – not exactly what I want but at least some money will be coming in. At usual clean and she has the builder in creating a porch for the front door, which she never uses as she always goes out of the back door. Think it must be some sort of status symbol!

S – I think she is one of those women who has to keep spending; it doesn’t matter what she is spending it on. A month at one of those “lettuce leaf a day” health farms would be a better way of disposing of her cash, if you ask me!

C – yes, or she could dig the footings herself – that would shift a few pounds. PS: the builder is young and rather fit if you get my drift.

S – make him a cup of tea and enjoy the view.

C – now dusting redundant exercise bike that sits in the corner of the study unused. I happened to be glancing out of the window just in time to spot a bit of builders bum which I have to remark it quite a nice one.  Oh, I must share with you todays Woman’s Hour item about a new contraceptive pill that has been developed for men.  Jenny Murray posed the question “Would women be happy to trust men to take responsiblility for contracteption?”  I found myself shouting loudly at the radio.  “I can’t trust mine to put the rubbish out and we have had the same collection day of the last 20 years.”  My advice to Jenny is “If you want a job doing do it yourself.”

Later …

C – have just had a call from the Londoner, with a hobby farm in Dorset, who is looking for a Personal Assistant. She is now going to recruit someone in London to save on travel and accommodation costs but said she would ring me in the New Year as she is setting up a Glamping site on the farm and will need help – I don’t think so – it would be out of the frying pan and into the fire. Thank goodnes I now have a nice safe desk job like yours. I will be starting at the beginning of November I think; I can’t wait.

S – such a relif that you now have something. The lady you clean for is in the office today – she has those skinny white jeans on topped off with what can only be described as a small tent!

C – silly cow, she needs to get a full length mirror and on that exercise bike at least twice a day. I notice they have a shed load of new wine bottles in the rack. I have perused the lables; they are all top knotch.

S – wish I had a shed load of new, full, top knotch wine bottles in my house.

C – it would be no good because we would just drink them all far too quickly – and God knows things are bad enough! Imagine how hard it must be for our old friends The Wine Wankers; they must be at it all day long!


3 thoughts on “Make Him A Cup Of Tea!

  1. Now, I am 63, and I might be going for a TURP operation that is a ‘pee-pee’ re-bore for men. I am assured, everything should work fine after a few months recovery. I only thought women had re-bores (like shotguns). Mother, was always going on about it, and my Dad thought it was a great laugh, for some after dinner conversation. As I will be (definitely) out of action, for more than a while, a young blood, for an older woman, sounds great. I have now found a great bit of kind advice from a professional ‘love coach’, she is quite wonderful, but looks slightly pale. Enjoy!


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