Sorry For The Break In Transmission

Yes, we do remember this! (Photo by the BBC)

Yes, we do remember this! (Photo by the BBC)

24 September 2014

S – I am afraid we have had rather a long break from blogging and some of our loyal followers have told us they are missing our daily ramblings. Things have been hectic with us both and we have found it difficult to keep up with everything.

Camilla is frantically looking for a job as the holiday house she has been successfully managing for the last three years is being sold. She has been filling in applications and going to interviews as far afield as Cornwall.  In addition to job hunting George has been dispatched to University.  We suspect there is more partying than studying going on, I did hear Camilla chortaling to a mutual friend the other day – “If they were dishing out degrees in socialising I think George would be up for a First Class Honours”.   Watch this space!!

I have been doing two extra days at work and we have just not found the time to get together. However, we are back and more messages from the edge will follow!

Oh just had a text from Camilla to say they are celerbating Toby’s birthday today.  Historically he never rememebers anyones birthday, with the exception to the rule being his own. She decided to splash out and buy him a lovely bottle of wine which SHE will thoroughly enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Sorry For The Break In Transmission

    • Was touch and go but following popular demand it seems that some people are enjoying our ramblings. So we are at it again, in the nicest possible way, although I am not sure how regular we will be if you get my drift.


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