Camilla Needs To Give The Days Off A Miss

I have spent too much time at the hospital lately!

I have spent too much time at the hospital lately!

5 August 2014

C – am knackered – was out on the lash ‘till so late last night then up early to do horses, as my sister is not feeling well.

S – hope Eleanor better soon. Where were you on the lash and with whom?

C – with Jeanette and Peter. We went to the pub, then to the Thai restaurant and then back to the pub – will I never learn!

S – you know if you are out with Jeanette you will suffer the next day. She is out of everyone’s league when it comes to being on the lash!

Later …

C – have just had a call from James, and Eleanor has been admitted to hospital. She has had a minor heart attack. It happened a few days ago and that is why she has been feeling so unwell. She is undergoing tests and waiting for an angiogram.

S – I am so sorry; call if you need anything at all. I have told work that I may have to leave.

C – thanks very much. No more days off for me – I have decided they bring me nothing but grief. I have one day off and my mother-in-law has a fall and my sister ends up in hospital!

S – no; it is a bit like sitting on that sofa – it is not for the likes of you. I am sure Eleanor will be ok now that they have diagnosed the problem – the hospital did everything possible when Michael had his heart attack (and it was a big one, not a minor one).


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