Want To Be Awash With Wine, Not Tea!

Is tea the answer - no wine is the answer!

Is tea the answer – no wine is the answer!

29 July 2014

S – what are you up to today – I am stuck at the Local Office.

S – are you there? Is everything ok – no reply to my text?

C – sorry, am running around like a headless chicken, as usual. I have just arrived at the hospital with Toby’s mother, as she has to have some minor surgery on her face. Then have to take my sister for physiotherapy. Then back again to pick up mother-in-law to take her home. I have no idea what time Toby will return from market, as he is unable to give me an estimated time of arrival.

S – oh dear – all of those are jobs that will not earn you any money!

C – yes, and I have spent too much time in this hospital for my liking lately. My status seems to be that of carer at the moment, along with everything else. I have just seen some skinny doctor, sashaying around in a low cut maxi dress.

S – I am sashaying around in my maxi dress today. It is so damn hot in this office it is almost unbearable.

Later ..

C – I am now back at mother-in-laws waiting for Toby to take over as I do not want to leave her. I am awash with tea, when I should be awash with wine.

C – home at last – just reaching for a glass of chilled Chardonnay and am raising my glass to my staunch mother-in-law who has reached the ripe old age of ninety two and a half, is tea total and does not smoke. There is obviously no hope of us reaching such an age, thank God – think the wine will take us before that.


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