What A Weekend!

This is them, apparently!

This is them, apparently!

26 July 2014

S – are you coming to the Forever Sun Festival tomorrow? Kitty came last night and had a few too many, fell down our stairs and hit her head. I managed to roll her into my bed, just, and she slept like a baby. Hope you can come tomorrow evening – tickets are free and I have somehow been cajoled into letting the Happy Mondays use our shower before they go on stage – apparently they cannot perform unless they have a shower first! Our flat is nearest to the festival so we have been asked to accommodate them! I am thinking of laminating the below before their arrival:

Thought I might need this poster in my flat! (www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk)

Thought I might need this poster in my flat!

C – oh dear – I hope they are bringing their own towels – you do not need any extra washing. I will be coming tomorrow. I think that Toploader are performing as well as the Mondays.

S – I don’t know who the Happy Mondays are and I have certainly never heard of Toploader but am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow evening.

27 July 2014

S – I have a streaming cold so won’t be over tonight – I would not be good company. Have a good evening and get a photo of the Happy Mondays at yours for the blog and don’t let them make too much mess!

C – sorry you are not well – I have to take Phoebe to camp but will ask Toby to take a photo.

S – what a weekend – I am exhausted. Sorry you can’t make it tonight. I am sure we will have another great evening and, as usual, far too much wine will be consumed. I had to dash off and leave the flat open for the Happy Mondays to shower at ours so that they were able to appear on stage clean and scrubbed – I do hope they have not trashed the place. Have just spoken to Toby on the phone and he said that when he got back one of them was stretched out on our sofa watching TV – I think the words “do make yourself at home” were used – however, he would not notice any mess that they may have left! They are the bad boys of pop according to Google – all sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Later …

S – Happy Mondays seem to have been on their best behaviour at ours – no damage done. Downside is that they did not bring thier own towels so have loads of washing! I was, however, called “darlin” as they left – have not been called that in a long time!


2 thoughts on “What A Weekend!

  1. What a f***ing cheek what they think you are a hotel. Have you received huge bouquet and bottle of bubbly for the trouble ???


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