I Don’t Believe It!

17 July 2014

S – can you believe it; a staff member has been redeployed to our section. She has been on long-term sick and, while she was away, they decided her post was surplus to requirements. So, here she is redeployed into my office – a good friend for “you know who!” How goes your day?

C – OMG cannot beleive that lazy cow has been redeployed, she was hopeless when we were working together and I cannot imagine she will have changed. They will make a good pair! Watch this space as they say!!! As for my day so far it has been hot, sticky and exhausting. I wish I could be paid for not working, like some of your colleagues. Toby left this morning for four days sailing in Cornwall so, as well as cleaning and the estate agents on Saturday, I also have to check all the stock – how is that going to work!!?? I suppose I will have to be up and about at 5.30 in the morning to cover my work load.

S – it is too much to ask. Come over to us on Sunday evening – at least you won’t have to cook if you eat with us; I will get Michael to do a BBQ. Is all quiet now in the antipodes – I assume all birthday celebrations and night clubbing are over?

C – BBQ on Sunday would be great – don’t let Michael cremate it!! Yes, things seem to have quietened down on the other side of the world, at least for the time being. Toby always remarks that “no news is good news” but I am not sure that I beleive that one. My view is that it is “the calm before the storm” but, all joking aside, I think they may be exhausted with all the party fun – at least let’s hope they are.

S – can’t cope with this heat I am melting and think I could have a case of prickly heat coming on. Remember our holiday in Spain when I suffered so badly from it?

C – yes, but it was great fun and we have some good memories (except for the prickly heat). Neither of us really do the heat do we? It is a good job we are not wealthy and trying to spend our cash on sun drenched holidays – every cloud has a silver lining!


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