Nipple Ring Has Been Removed!

A groovy time had by all, I think! (Photo by

A groovy time had by all, I think! (Photo by

15 July 2014

C – George and Patrick just called me from some bar in Melbourne – they were both shit faced and behaving very badly. I got cross with them for calling me at one in the morning from Patrick’s mobile, which will cost a fortune.

S – glad to hear they are both having a good time, even if you were woken by that mobile again.

Later …

C – had George and Peter on the phone again – they were still out raving at five in the morning – they were both very loud and full of themselves. I am hoping that George’s birthday weekend has come to a close now. The good news is that George has removed his nipple ring, as he could not wear it and play rugby – hooray for that!! How is work? We have 500 followers – a bit of a champagne moment I think!

S – work quite busy again. Good news about the followers – what we need now are more comments – we have to be more proactive in this respect I think and communicate more.


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