Who Is This Guy Will Power Anyway?

Do I need to know?

Do I need to know?

30 June 2014

C – have been invited to the in-laws for a BBQ so have decided to eat, drink, sit and be merry.

S – what a good idea and you won’t have to cook – could not be better. I, on the other hand, am slaving over a hot stove and have already opened the wine – as usual no will power.

C – who is this guy Will Power – I don’t know him?

S – I don’t know him either.

C – just on third glass of wine. Why do people drink so slowly, and why is my glass always the first one to be empty?

S – it is because we enjoy the grape so much and people never pour wine quickly enough.

1 July 2014

C – OMG just at usual clean. They are off to France for a month and I have just had a blow by blow account of their imminent journey. I have been through each village along with a full history of each stopping point. All I care about is that I will loose a month’s money. The lucky cattery owner will have one month’s full board for “pussy”.

S – damn, you need the money – maybe we could fit a couple of those contract cleans in to top up funds. My texts may be gibberish as I have new Blackberry phone – one that has been cast aside by Sophie.

C – don’t worry about gibberish – I spend my life, it would seem, listening to gibberish; nidding and nodding. Under pressure today as I have an appointment at 2.00pm, so need to get done. Toby taking sheep to Salisbury Market. I asked him if he was organised to which he replied “Oh yes”, as if it was a very stupid question. I got a call just as I was delivering Phoebe to the bus to say he had forgotten the ear tags, so could I deliver them to the field. I wanted to say no but, dutiful spouse that I am, I returned home. I found the ear tags but couldn’t find the key to the quad bike. Eventually I tracked it down only to find that the quad bike would not start because the battery was flat. I then had to walk miles to deliver the ear tags and am fuming as I am now very late for work.

S – what a kerfuffle and all before 9.00am. Think you should start charging Toby for your time. Can’t find delete button on this damn Blackberry so texts could be a bit dodgy.

C – are you busy in the office? I am at second clean. The poor old girl has dementia and tells me the same thing each week – please shoot me if I get that bad.

S – ok. Will be busy in a minute stuffing envelopes – what fun.

C – just reading the TV Times and that Fiona Bruce looks amazing and is talking about the joys of being 50. I am sure it is joyous when you are thin and rich.

S – yes, she is both of those things in abundance.

C – just had a hideous thought – having been in France for a month they may invite me to view holiday snaps – what is “No Way” in French?

S – I am not sure – will look it up for you. This phone is so much better than my old one. I feel so up-do-date with my second hand Blackberry. My kids would call me sad but I don’t care.


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