To Drink Or Not To Drink, That Is The Question?

I love a drop of the fizz!

I love a drop of the fizz! (Photo from The Guardian)

26 June 2014

C – just paid the bloody fine that George acquired in New Zealand. I had put it on the back burner in the hope that it would go away but another letter fluttered onto my doormat and the fine has now increased, due to the addition of court costs. I should have paid it immediately – it is now $180 – hells’ teeth. Can that boy never keep out of trouble – he is costing me money and he is on the other side of the world. Have had to add it to my credit card which is already pretty much up to its limit. I need some more cleaning jobs – I will have to advertise my services.

S – oh damn, I thought you had paid that. It was never going to go away and you do not want George to be unable to return to New Zealand because of a criminal record, due to an unpaid fine.

27 June 2014

C – how are you this fine sunny morning after your non-drinking night out (NOT) – that was never going to happen once that glass of Prosecco was pressed into your hand? You did not put up much of a fight when seconds arrived either.

S – as I said the other day I have no will power. I think we escaped in the nick of time – one more glass could have sent me reeling over the edge resulting in appalling hangover and duvet day.

C – yes, I agree it could have turned into an unpleasant “morning after the night before”. Michael was our knight without the shining armour providing a taxi service.

28 June 2014

C – apparently, I am cross all the time according to my husband, I wonder why? Is it because he behaves like a teenager?

S – well, my day deteriorated very early with the arrival of a £550 bill from the Taxman. It has to be paid by the end of July or interest will be charged. What a lovely start to the day.

C – why do they always send these letters out to arrive on Saturday (they do that with the dreaded school reports) and spoil ones weekend. It only drives one to drink in the evening – I suppose it makes a change that it is the Taxman’s fault!


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