With A Very Stout Rope And A Grappling Iron!

Always best to tell it how it is!

Always best to tell it how it is!

24 June 2014

S – what is your day at estate agents looking like. I have all the dross – no good viewings at all.

C – pretty crap although better than my ususal cleaning job I fancy. I have got to be in new flats for two hours this afternoon and no one will turn up. However, it means I will get my bottom cheeks on that sofa and maybe get some shut eye for an hour. Then I have a viewing on Portland late afternoon!!!

S – at least you have the new flats. I am stuck here all day with Mr and Mrs Bicker – thank goodness no arguing yet but it is early.

C – just arrived at new flats – not a sniff of a punter so am about to settle bottom cheeks on sofa and read the paper from cover to cover. 🙂

S – lucky you – I am on my own in the office while the others are off at smart viewings.

C – good news in the paper – apparently standing up for three hours a day is as good for you as running ten marathons per year and could extend your life by two years; claims an experts. He says “It will improve your health, reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. It will reduce cholesterol and make you thinner” – yippee – so get standing it is good exercise! They do write some rubbish in the papers. PS: this sofa is extremely comfortable.

S – I am sure it is. I will be out all afternoon as I have viewings at Puddletown and Cheselbourne. Michael took the children and some friends to Stonehenge on 21 June to see the Summer Solstice. There were 30,000 people there apparently – a good time was had by all.

C – how exciting – good old Michael. I wish I was going to Cheselbourne as I could pop in on my friend Sue who lives there – she has a pool – I could have had a quick dip between viewings. All I have to look forward to is Portland! I do have one consolation, however, as I have just popped into a café and purchased a Purbeck ice cream – no cafés or ice cream parlours in Cheselbourne!

S – no there are not and it is extremely hot here – no sea breeze to cool me. I have just been inspecting my bingo arms whilst waiting for the next viewers. My God they are bad – think I need surgery.

Later …

C – I had a hideous time on Portland. Firstly, even with the directions on the brochure, I could not find the property and ended up following the people who were viewing (instead of them following me) as they had a sat nav – how embarrassing. Upon arriving at the property I could not get in. Had to ring the office and was told that the keys I had were for the side door. Finally got in and did viewing. The very nice clients then asked me how you get to the beaches on Portland, to which I replied “with a very stout rope and a grappling iron”. I find it impossible to be economical with the truth – you have to just tell it how it is!!! Fortunately, they were amused. After a long, hot, sticky day I arrived home to find that Toby had lost the new dog – argghhh!!!

S – oh dear – hope you find her soon. You definitely did the right thing telling cients about Portland beaches – people appreciate being told the truth instead of a lot of guff!


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