I Could Hear Scratching Again In The Roof!

These are the only mice I want in my house!

These are the only mice I want in my house!

19 June 2014

C – great start to the day – the lock on the back door has broken and Toby is nowhere to be seen so I will have to sort it out.

Later …

C – now on my way to first clean – they have just returned from France so no doubt I will get the usual nonsense and speaking in French when I arrive. She is rather a name dropper and wants to be seen as very important all the time – I find it most needy.

S – poor you; try and get done and dusted as quickly as you can.

C – thank goodness, they have just gone out to pick up cat from cattery and go to Tesco, so finally some peace!

S – you need to get out before they are back. Did Phoebe go to school today? Sophie is much better now that she has completed her course of steroids. Most peculiar – could really do with finding out what crop it was that caused the problem.

C – yes, she seems to have recovered some what – thank goodness. She has a drama exam today – think we should do ok in that one!

S – as usual piles of goodies in this office. Just stuffing a large slice of caramel shortbread – I have no will power at all.

C – yummy, who needs will power at our age – it is surplus to requirements. Drank too much last night – found myself justifying it as I could hear scratching again in the roof. Luckily I consumed my quota of wine (and yours) and was able to slip into unconsciousness very quickly and slept like a log until 0500 when I was wide awake with a banging headache. I could then not get back to sleep due to all the scratching going on overhead – must phone the council.

S – bloody vermin – get the Pest Control Officer in asap – you can’t be running alive again.

C – I bet our friend in the office, Julie, is not tucking into anything fattening.

S – no she is not and she is as skinny as ever. She is even cycling to work now that the weather is better – we couldn’t even make it to spinning classes – what happended to that resolution?


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