We Would Not Be Without Them

Here it is!

Here it is!

11 June 2014

C – it is Friday and I am at the clean where I always get a message. Today’s one included a very long list of jobs. There are not enough hours in the day, especially when I only get paid for two of them. Think I must leave a reply to this note.

S – leaving your own note may be a good idea. I am stuck in office on this lovely day but it is fairly quiet.

C – just taken photograph of her fully restocked wine rack. One bottle looks very good, it is called “The Full Fifteen” as it is 15% volume – a bit like the “Full Monty” – Oh I think I just invented a brillant new name for a bottle of wine, even if I do say so myself – would be rather good I think.

Later …

C – just at second clean and this lady has another new Boden dress hanging behind the door – that is what happens when you do not have children.

S – ah well, we would not be without them, and that’s a fact!


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