Full Fridges And Wine Racks

Why does my wine rack always look like this?  (Photo from www.worldmarket.com)

Why does my wine rack always look like this? (Photo from http://www.worldmarket.com)

8 June 2014

C – was thinking, all those houses I clean have full fridges and wine racks. I am always scratching around for a bottle of wine – is that because I have no money or because, if I have wine, it has to be drunk.

S – think it is the latter, as with me.

C – oh, that is disappointing. I was hoping you would say that, as connoisseurs of wine, it is our duty to taste as much as we can, broaden our palettes and share our knowledge with a wider audience. In fact we drink to help others!! I see it as a vocation that not everyone can rise to. Oh, and it helps if you can open a bottle a day! Let’s face it no one knows when their number will be up. How dreadful to ‘pop one’s clogs’ leaving a full wine rack to someone who may not appreciate it.

9 June 2014

S – just had supervision and was girding my loins for another telling off; my internet use has been rather excessive, but all was rosy – hallelujah!

C – good, you cover all the work quickly and efficiently and are hardly ever sick so what would anyone have to complain about? When will ‘you know who’ get a conscience about his work ethic. Just cleaned our flat; do you ever think life is one long round of drudgery, with no time off for good behaviour?

S – that is a good question. All I seem to do at the moment, with five of us in the house, is clean and wash and cook.

C – oh joy, I have just picked Phoebe up and we had a huge row, as she is predicted an E in her Maths GCSE – all we need is a C. I have a tutor starting next week at great expense. PS: and, of course, it is all my fault because I am so bad at Maths, at which point I reminded her that I ran my own business very successfully for ten years and did all my accounts, so I cannot be that dim!

S – just got your message, poor you but I am sure it will all come out in the wash.

10 June 2014

S – off to a presentation on changes that are happening re work for an hour and a half. Think I will have to tuck myself in a corner and have a snooze; I am sure it will be a bit like the DES training.

C – at least it is a short presentation. Hope you have resolved row over laptop that you told me about last night and that no blood has been shed at your house – last thing you need is rowing over something you can’t do anything about.

S – yes, Michael fixed the laptop so all sweetness and light in our house at the moment.


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