My Head Firmly In The Sand!

We need to keep an eye on that commission

We need to keep an eye on that commission (Photo by Jamie Brelsford)

24 May 2014

S – hooray, I have received the usual text from the bank that I did not want to open. Sheshe and Camilla need to get published and big time.

C – those messages are very depressing. I have my head firmly in the sand and don’t have them.

S – damn – I am stuck in the office while the other Saturday girl has all the viewings and will be sat on my sofa at the smart flats for two hours in the afternoon.

C – that is not on. If I was in your office we would share the viewings and the sitting around on the comfy sofa. I think I have sold another house – two couples very interested so I can see a bidding war on the horizon.

S – well done you. Do you think we would be missed if we slipped into The Vivo Lounge after work for a glass before going home?

C – I can’t as I need to get home but maybe another time. I am being driven mad in this office. I can’t even make a phone call without being told I did it wrong. I want to come to Weymouth – arggghhh!!!

S – keep calm, we are working on it. Just been checking the progress of some of my successful viewings and someone is trying to nab one of my sales. Noticed an offer on a viewing I did with someone else’s name against it on the computer – have just added mine.


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