Bottom Cheeks Will Remain Firmly Under Wraps!

Ours do  not look like this, unfortunately!

Ours do not look like this, unfortunately!

21 May 2014

C – just driven to first clean – can you believe it – we have a spot of sunshine and the world and his wife are out in force in their summer clothes. It is sunny but not that warm. There were bottom cheeks on display everywhere; some of them were very unattractive. What is this fad for wearing shorts that do not even cover your bottom?

S – yes, saw a few of those the other day when the sun was out. I suppose if one is very young and bottom cheeks are very firm it is not quite so bad, but I fear there are those out there wearing these shorts who do not own a mirror!

C – well, my bottom cheeks will remain firmly under wraps, along with my very white legs and knobbly knees, I can tell you.

Later …

S – just finished second clean of the day. The lady gave me a small glass of Split Rock to try. It is a Sauvignon Blanc – not my usual tipple but I take my wine tasting very seriously and can drink anything if needs be – remember the desert wine incident? It was very good – may need to review it on blog if I can get hold of a bottle for you to taste.


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