Rugby Trip Causes Rift

Think things have now been patched up!  (Photo

The Game of Rugby – a bit like married life! (Photo

8 May 2014

S – Michael has just read our post of yesterday. His comment was that, in some cultures, it is the duty of a good wife to be fully adept at pleasing her husband – not in ours was my reply!!!

C – I would rather learn to change a car tyre or strip down an engine than that! TV man is hopefully coming tomorrow. I managed to find a large pile of ironing which kept me busy for some time. Also, Toby managed to get onto iPlayer last night on his laptop and it worked a treat – he was sound asleep in the chair within minutes and I was able to slide off to bed undisturbed to read my book – result. How are things in the office? Patrick has been on the phone non stop. He has been in his home town visiting all the old faces. George is with him and they are threatening to put a ghastly photo of me in my shorts with my very, very white legs on Facebook. I told George there would be no topping up his account if that photo goes public.

S – those white legs should be kept under wraps – you don’t want them plastered over Facebook. Am alone in office, thank goodness.

C – on second clean and then need to go to town to shuffle funds around, yet again. Oh, and have had massive row with Toby who thought he was going on the Rugby Tour. Have told him in no uncertain terms that if he goes he need not bother to come back as I will have changed the locks on the doors. Think I made myself clear!

S – when was he planning on going on the Rugby Trip and has he already paid for it?

C – tomorrow, I think. As you can imagine we are not speaking. Do not think he has stumped up any money as he does not have any. He is sleeping in George’s room so next thing he will be having and affair because his wife does not understand him. That will give us some blogging material!

S – he will get over it. Who was supposed to look after all that livestock while he was away jollying it up?

C – he was asking friends to help but, ultimately, it was me and we are still lambing. I queried what I would do if they all got out, as they have done in the past, and how would I to round them up alone? I have too many other jobs to be doing his one as well.

S – you were right to say that; looking after all that livestock is way too much to ask of you.

C – that is the polite version of what I said, as I recall.

A little Later …

S – I am now at third clean – small black haired dog has been hanging from the back of my trousers – I want to turn.

S – so no improvement there then. I thought she was taking it to dog training classes.

C – she did once, but it let her down rather badly so she decided not to go again. Some good news – I have just had a text from Phoebe and her Pavlova for her GCSE when very well – hooray we can rest easy for five minutes.

S – oh good, I am pleased but don’t go relaxing on that sofa when you get home – you know it will only end in tears.


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